Venom Arcade Stick Review-Multi Format 8-Button

 Venom Arcade Stick

If you have a PS4 and your friend has an Xbox ONE, then you’ll face some problems to play a game together in your house or in your friend’s house. But today I have found a solution to play a game together with a unique fight stick in any console either it is PS4 or Xbox ONE.

Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Fight Stick is a unique fight stick with its variations. This Venom fight stick (Amazon) support in many different consoles and you can connect this fight stick with all supported consoles in a very simple way. Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Stick also compatible with PC. So, if you want to play with it on your PC, then I would like to say welcome.

At a lower price, you’ll get a fight stick that supports in any consoles you want to. Cheaper doesn’t mean bad or something wrong with anything. Don’t think something negative if the price is low of anything. Yes, this Venom Multi Format Arcade Fight Stick is a cheaper and an entry level fight stick, but it can be said that this Venom fight stick is very similar with Mayflash F300 and Mayflash F500. So, it’s all up to you that what you’ll do. But I can give a thumbs up this Venom Multi Format Arcade Fight Stick for its awesome working method and companion ability in a lower and pretty cost.

Configurations or Features

  • Supported on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, PC and Mac
  • Premium quality buttons and joystick
  • Compatible with Sanwa Denshi buttons and lever
  • 8-button Arcade Style, layout or the Viewlix layout
  • Authentic buttons and lever
  • Decent with minimalistic size and design to balance your gaming setup
  • Turbo function available
  • 3 meter USB Cable
 Release Date: August 2017 
 Platform (s):  PlayStation 3, 4, PC, Xbox ONE, 360
 Product Type:  Arcade Fight Stick   
 Dimensions:   13” x 10” x 5.1”
 Weight:   4 Pounds
 Buttons:   Authentic arcade quality
 Stick Lever:   Authentic arcade quality
 Cable Length:   3-metre-long USB Cable

Working Method

Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Fight Stick is very easy to connect to a PlayStation 4 or 3. All you have to do, just bring out the USB cable from the stick and plug it into the USB port of the device and then you go. On the other side, if you need to connect the Venom on your PC, then connect it through your PC’s USB port, then it should support, but if not then, download its driver, install them and then you can fight with the venom on your PC.

Swapping Venom Multi Format Arcade Stick components

If you want to change your fight stick’s buttons and lever, then I can give you the good news. You’ll be able to change the buttons and joystick in a very easy and comfortable way. To learn to fight well, you need to upgrade the components of your stick. Sanwa Denshi components are quite famous in the fight stick world and this Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Fight Stick is compatible with Sanwa components. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and grab the Sanwa components or order them online then you’ll be able to upgrade your Venom fight stick. I can share some online links for you that may help you to upgrade the stick.

3 Metre Long USB Cable

Venom uses a very long USB cable to the Venom Multi Format Arcade Fight Stick. It is about 3 meters or 9.8 feet long. You may easily change the place or move anywhere you want while gaming. Venom lets you to play or fight from your lap or some far distant place with the longest USB cable.

Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Fight Stick Modify

Professionals want to modify their fight stick in their way with their favorite components and as I told you before that Venom Multi Format Fight Stick is available to modify or customize. You can use your own components that feel you comfortable to fight. You need to remove some screws from the chassis to open it. Then you can remove the build-in buttons and lever and replace them with your own.

Design and User Feelings

Venom Arcade Stick

Very simple and common design of the Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Fight Stick. It is quite similar with Mayflash F500 and F300. Design and size are very simple but very effective for the beginners. This Venom fight stick is a good competitor in its price range. So, professionals might be disappointed.

The buttons feel slightly soften and if you want to find out which is better in the difference between in Mayflash F300 and Venom, you’ll find the Venom. So, Starters or beginners will be satisfied with its performance.

For Venom’s decent size and perfect weight balance, you’ll find this fight stick very comfortable to hold and works well. Hardly you’ll find any input delay in the Venom Multi Format Fight Stick and impressively I found the response and reaction time is very awesome for this price. Again, it is a small size fight stick comparing with others. Lightweight is the main advantage of this fight stick. You can play or fight on your lap with this stick and can change the place in no time very comfortably. Long USB cable lets you to do this. No artwork and No plexiglass, but superb and good quality plastic make the Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Fight Stick premium in this price range.


  • A good fight stick value for money
  • Customization is very easy and simple
  • Good quality for the price and performance
  • Supports in many other consoles
  • Beginners can use it fantastically
  • Entry level fight sticks in a lower cost


  • Buttons feel very soft and unrealistic
  • Lightweight feels poor for some
  • Not so famous outside the European
  • No Headphone Jack
  • No USB cable storage option
  • No anti-slip rubber pads


  1. Is Turbo Mode available on this Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Fight Stick?

Answer. Yes, you can use the Turbo Mode.

  • Can I modify this Venom fight stick with Hayabusa components?

Answer. No, you can use the Sanwa Denshi parts to upgrade it.

  • Does the Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Fight Stick have any headphone jack?

Answer. No, the headphone jack is unavailable. I’m sorry for that.

  • How long the USB cable of it?

Answer. Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Fight Stick has a long 9.8 feet USB cable.

  • Which button layout uses to make the Venom Multi Format 8-button Arcade Fight Stick?

Answer. 8-button common arcade style layout or you can say it as Viewlix layout.