Razer Panthera Evo Review: Fully Mod-Capable

The Razer panthera evo arcade stick is a fabulous and unique stick to the Razer. With upgraded and well-designed push-buttons and very powerful Razer Mechanical Switches, featuring shorter accurate points for super-fast retort and a company-leading toughness of up to 30 million taps, the panthera evo arcade stick makes incredible in the fight stick world. Thousands of customers want to know its features and Evo makes history day by day for its unbelievable capability. You can’t imagine what the Panthera Evo comes with. Surely a tournament champion gives the Evo a thumb up for its priceless mechanism. I can assure you that you won’t be bored if you check this unpredictable stick known as the Razer evo.

 Razer Panthera Evo
Release Date:  01 November 2018
Platform (s): PlayStation 4 & PC
Product Type: Arcade & Fight Stick
Dimensions: 10.3” x 15” x 4.9”
Weight: 7.44 Pounds
Buttons: Razer Mechanical Buttons
Stick Lever: Sanwa Lever
Cable Length: 9.8 ft long USB Cable

Design and User Feelings:

panthera evo

A marvelous style brings on the Panthera Razer Evo. No doubt the  is razer panthera stick the famous and premium fight stick on the market nowadays. Everything about it yells premium and super quality. The bodybuilding is fully made of top-grade plastic that’s very hard to be broken. The plexiglass is very solid to look, and it is very strong. Also, while it’s on the surface, it seems like a solid piano.

The Evo fightstick is quite big size of its materials. About 8-pound weight, this is the one disadvantage of the Panthera Evo. To move from a place to another place, it is not so easy. So, you can use a bag to carry the stick to transport.

The artwork is very eye catching and beautiful. The blue snake in the artwork is very awesome to see and black in the background make the razer stick a cool and handsome stick. Moreover, the artwork looking so charming when it is placed behind the shining plexiglass.

Sanwa lever and Razer Mechanical buttons give the Panthera Evo another level in the fight stick world. You’ll find that Razersown build pushbuttons are very responsive and good to go. Sanwa components are always feeling premium and about the lever of Evo is made of Sanwa, it feels very cool to response with 8-direction component.

razer evo

There are also two unique buttons that no other stick had those before. One is the volume control button and the other is the mute button. You can use those buttons to control your stick volume in headphone.

3.5 mm headphone jack is available and also has a curve on the edge of the front panel which is better for our wrist. On the right side of the stick, you will find share and options button. Along with a cable compartment, it can be said that a brilliant and intelligent designer builds that stick.

Matter of sorrow that is has no one-touch access like the previous Panthera version stick, but you’ll get an additional screw for the ball-top lever. You can change the ball-top of the lever or tight the bat-top if it seems to loosen anytime.

razer panthera button size


  • Support in PC in a simple way
  • Very responsive push-buttons and lever
  • Storable long USB cable
  • Awesome & cool improved design
  • Easy way to change the ball-top
  • Immersive in an outstanding build quality
  • Not so heavy comparing with the previous Panthera


  • Customization consumes a big amount of time
  • Buttons are not very responsive
  • Need upgrade with high level components like Sanwa
  • A little bit costly to afford

Working Method

The Razer Evo is quite easy to connect to a PlayStation 4. Just need to out the USB to the USB port on the PS4 and there you go. In case of PC settings, if the Panthera do not support in your PC, then you need to download the drivers and install them. I didn’t face anything like this. So, after facing this kind of problem, all you need to do just install the drivers. Then, you can plug in and play smoothly.

Official Product of Razer

Razer’s official product feels you no doubt about the Razer Panthera Evo. Even if you face some problems with the hardware of the Evo, Razer will take care of this by giving your warranty.

Swapping The Panthera Evo Arcade Stick Components

Every professional player wants to change their buttons stick with their favorite stick or button for the sticks issue. You can customize the Evo fighting gaming stick with your own. And Razer has already made Panthera Evo customizable. You need to put off the screws to open the chassis.

9.8 Feet Long USB Cable

Razer gives a very long USB cable to the razer arcade stick and it’s about 9.8 feet long. You can easily change your place one from another while gaming. Most probably Evo’s USB will let you play or fight from your bed or anywhere in a far distance.

The Razer Panthera Evo Mod

razer panthera evo mod

As I say that, Evo fightstick already has the customizable thing that Razer provides. But before modifying something, you need to dig in. You need to remove the seven screws to take out the front plate to change the artwork. Then, you need to remove other nine screws to open the chassis. Once you’ve done that, now you’ll be able to customize the Panthera Evo. The buttons are wired with very simple joints and you can easily swap those with the new one. The joystick is joined with hot glue, but if you determined to replace it with your own choice then you can do it quite comfortably.

Razer Panthera Evo Artwork & customization

The build in artwork is very nice to see. You will find a solid paper with the build in artwork when you remove the plexiglass from the front of the stick. To remove the plexiglass, you need to remove the seven screws on the bottom side, and then you’ll be able to do it. You can order your favorite artwork or can create your own and cut out by yourself to customize the razer panthera arcade stick.

The Panthera Evo's Drivers

To connect with your PC, you need the drivers and install them on your PC first. After install the drivers, you can plug it in and play or fight any fighting game you want to. You can download the drivers from here – 1. Link 2. Link

1. The Evo size is a half inch shorter than the Razer Panthera.
2. Panthera Evo is less heavy than the Razer Panthera.
3. The Razer Panthera has one-touch access feature, but the Panthera Evo doesn’t have this one -touch feature
4. The Razer Panthera has the Sanwa components, Sanwa lever and Sanwa buttons make the Panthera far better than the Razer Evo which has the Sanwa lever, but not the Sanwa buttons which are very responsive and premium.
5. The Panthera doesn’t have any storage option to store the USB. On the other side, the Panthera Evo has a storage compartment to store the USB along with a screwdriver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

1. Does the RazerPantheraEvo have any storage option to store the USB?
– Yes, you can store the USB and other things like screwdriver in the provided store in Evo version.

2. How long the USB cable of the Razer Evo has?
– Surprisingly, it is about 9.8 feet or 3 meters long.

3. Does the Razer Evo have rubber pads for anti-slip?
– No, you do not find any rubber pads at the bottom, but the bottom side of the Razer Evo builds with silicon pad that restrict the sloppiness of the stick.

4. Does Panthera Evo have the headphone jack?
– Yes, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack.

5. Is the Razer Evo compatible with Mac OS?
– Yes, Mac OS and Windows OS both are compatible with the Razer panthera pc Evo, If you have any issue to connect the armor with your PC or MacOS then, you can download the drivers that we provide in our page and install them to connect easily.

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