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Peloton Bike vs Treadmill – Which is Better for You?

Peloton Bike vs Treadmill

Peloton provides both bike and treadmill, which are indoor workout equipment. Being one of the most trusted indoor workout brands, its customer base increases by day. But which is the best equipment to start with, given that they both provide brand quality?

They are both great for cardio workouts, making their purpose almost similar. Nevertheless, there are still differences, for which reason one may prefer one over the other.

This article will take the equipment head-to-head, bringing out not only the sharp contrasts between the two, but also the similarities that ensure you get the same benefits regardless of the equipment you take.

Head-to-Head: The Peloton Bike Vs Treadmill


If you are looking for the cheapest of the peloton equipment, then the bike should be the best consideration. It will save you up to $2050, which you can use to purchase the biking accessories, such as cycling shoes, cleats, bike mat and cycling outfits.

The peloton bike, armed with its 21.5-inch screen and delivery and installation included, comes at $2245. On the other hand, peloton treadmill comes at a more expensive cost, which is $4295.


The treadmill is heavier than the bike. It is 300lbs, while the bike is 135lbs, thus a difference of over 100lbs. This being said, the treadmill can handle more body weight in comparison to the bike.

Therefore, if your body weight exceeds that of the peloton bike, which is 305lbs, or your height over 6’5 inches (ca. 13 cm), then a treadmill should have your attention.

In terms of body weight loss, both play a big role in ensuring that you shed as many calories within a single workout as possible, so either choice is suitable.

Account and Subscription

Once you purchase your peloton bike or treadmill, you have to register to either peloton cycling or treadmill classes respectively. The peloton equipment comes with archived workout classes that you can access, whether you have a subscription.

Both classes go for $39 per month, thus similar cost for premium membership. With this subscription, the users not only have access to all the archived workout classes of peloton bikes or treadmills, but can also access the 24-hour available online live classes. You can have an instructor of your choice and at the time of your choice.

Moreover, with a premium subscription, your metrics are recorded in your peloton account, including cadence, resistance, output and remaining workout time, and you can view them on the screen during the workout. You can also view your performance in relation to your workout mates on the leader board.

Equipment Dimensions and Mats

A peloton bike will occupy less space as compared to the peloton treadmill. It is 24 inches (0.61 m) wide and 48 inches (1.22 m) wide, with a 60-inch height. On the other hand, the treadmill is 72.5 inches (1.84 m) long, 32.5 inches (0.83 m) wide and with a 72-inch (1.83 m) height.

You should however, ensure that there is a substantial space all round the equipment, thus the room a little larger than the exact measurements.

Therefore, an exact mat for a peloton bike will not fit a treadmill, since it is smaller. If you want a mat that will fit both equipment, then you should use the measurements of the treadmill.

Workout Types

The two equipment vary in the kind of workouts they allow. While the indoor stationary bike allows for spinning and cycling, the treadmill gives you an opportunity to walk, run and even climb on the stationary equipment.

Both are perfect for lower body muscle toning, and also the strengthening of gluts and bones.


Both peloton equipment uses the same headphone types. Wired headphones have to fit in a 3.5 mm inches port, while Bluetooth headphones are to be compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 for it to be suitable for peloton.

Treadmills recommend spiked shoes to increase the output, though any regular sport shoe still works on the equipment. Contrasting this, the peloton bike has to be used with cycling shoes, and specific ones at that. One has to use shoes with cleats that are of the Look Delta or SPD-SL system to ride on peloton bike pedals.

You can use most sports outfits on the treadmill, and the same will apply to the bike. However, if your bike seat does not have a seat cushion, the bike shorts or leggings have to be padded to enhance comfort and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have to have a subscription commitment to use the peloton treadmill?

No, you don’t have to commit yourself to a subscription. You can actually use a peloton treadmill without any subscription, gaining access to the peloton stored workout classes. You will however not have access to live classes, a tutor or recorded metrics.

Can you see the peloton instructor when using the peloton bike or treadmill?

Yes, you can. If you are subscribed to the peloton online live classes, then you will see and interact with your instructor. The instructor, on the contrary, cannot see you.

Can you walk barefoot on the treadmill?

Yes, you can. However, this is neither safe nor healthy, as you can slide, get friction blisters and sustain injuries on your feet. Moreover, the workout will be slow and results not as much. Using spiked or sports shoes will not only enhance your performance, but also protect your feet, hence seeing you use your treadmill longer and faster.

How many times a week should you be on your treadmill or bike?

You can cycle o spin on your indoor bike, or simply workout on your treadmill at least three times a week to realize faster and satisfying results. Ensure that the workout output is within the set standard for the peloton workouts.

Final Word

By this time, you should be in a position to make the decision that suits you most- or even decide on both equipment if you can afford it. The differences between the two are identified in cost, number and type of workouts available and also the dimensions, not to mention the weight that each is capable of handling.

Based on your personality, ability and preference, you can get the equipment that best suits your needs for your fitness requirements.

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