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Is Peloton Safe for Kids? A Must-Read for the Parents!

Is Peloton Safe for Kids

Surprisingly, Peloton is safe for kids, save for infants and toddlers. Actually, Peloton has upgraded their classes to include Family Classes, which are really amazing. There are friendly sessions for families with kids from as young as three years!

Do you fear exposing your kid to explicit language and music in some classes? You have that already sorted out too. Peloton has an option for explicit language filters so that your kid can only watch what they will understand and are suitable for.

Nevertheless, before we indulge in this interesting topic;

Peloton is Not Safe for Kids under 3 Years

Infants and toddlers are quite explorative, and it won’t be a wonder finding them on your workout equipment. However, despite Peloton being safe for kids, there are limitations. If your kid is under three, most likely, they wouldn’t understand their limits.

You may find your baby trying to climb on the pedals or pulling the bike towards them. Worse still, inserting their fingers and other objects in delicate bike or tread parts. In this case;

  • Always lock your bike to a post or a stronger object in the house to prevent it from falling. Better still, keep it closest to the wall, which is even safer. When in this condition, falling on the kids will be less likely.

But what if the kids climb onto the pedals? 

  • Always ensure that you leave the resistance knob at 100, at which the pedals cannot move. Therefore, even if the kid climbed onto the pedals, the pedals will still be despite movement.
  • If the kids are cheeky, you can remove the Peloton touchscreen as well. Some kids will dare to climb onto the bike frame to reach the conspicuous screen. Worse still, the kids may try to hit the screen.
  • The most effective of them all, if you can lock the room where the peloton equipment is. This will prevent any temptation for daring kids.

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As for Every Other Kid;

  • Ensure that you are always there whenever they are practicing on the bike or tread.
  • If the kids are under 14, don’t let them practice on the bike, but the tread and other Peloton workouts are great.
  • In my opinion, on-demand classes are the best for underage kids since you can watch them first before they watch. You can then determine if they are suitable for the kids.
  • Always use filters to ensure that the kids only get the workouts whose language they are comfortable with.
  • Look for instructor and music recommendations for the kids to get the most favorable set.
  • Don’t forget to remove the excess stuff in the studio for maximum free space. It is easy to step on each other if you have limited space or even bump into household stuff.
  • Finally, beginner classes are the most suitable for the kids, since they aren’t strenuous.

So, Peloton Family Classes for Kids?

Since you can stream Peloton via TV, you can watch it as a family activity. As you keep fit as a family, you also bond more.

Below are the classes available for whole family studio workouts:

  1. Fit Family Flow: Suitable for kids only, between ages three and nine. The workout runs for 20 minutes and involves basic yoga. It is full of child-friendly play, mindful meditation, and child-friendly instructors.
  2. Family Meditations: Suitable for all ages, these classes range between five to ten minutes. They are appropriate for all the family members, from the kids to the adults. The meditation is family-based, hence best for bonding sessions.
  3. Fit Family Fun: This fifteen-minute workout is suitable for all family members five years and older. It involves full-body workouts, strength, and cardio, bringing in aspects of health, fun, and happiness.
  4. Fit Family Brain Breaks: Also suitable for five years and above, this workout runs in five minutes only for each session. It is all fun, with kid play incorporated in a quick movement and storytelling. Therefore, your family gets to involve both their bodies and minds, keeping you active.
  5. Fit Family Flow: The tweens workout goes for a maximum of twenty minutes and involves people from nine years upwards. Essentially, the workout helps you learn the basics of yoga and connect the mind and body for inner confidence, strength, and self-love.
  6. Fit Family Strong: Designed for users over ten years old, and takes only twenty minutes. It is a cardio and strength workout and a fun workout that kids and adults alike will look forward to experiencing again and again.

Can You Access Family Class on the Digital App?

Yes, the family class is available for both the Unlimited Subscription users and the Digital App users. Besides, it’s even easier to stream the peloton app on the TV, so you don’t have to use the whole family’s small phone or laptop.

Can Kids Use Peloton Equipment?

Kids under 14 are not allowed to use the Peloton bike. In any case, most of the younger ones will even strain to get to the pedals, which will not make sense. However, i have read a comment where a parent had their 6-year-old on the tread, though under close supervision.

Are There Other children-friendly Classes Besides the Family Class?

Yes, there are. Most beginner classes are child friendly. You can check for outdoor tread classes, which enhance the kid’s connection with nature, despite being on screen.

All yoga and meditation classes are child-friendly, especially for kids within the age that understands meditation.

Parting Shot

Is Peloton safe for kids? Finally, you know that you can enjoy Peloton with your kids. In any case, even the kids require to work out their bodies, just as we do. It helps keep them physically active and is also a channel for redirecting their energy to something constructive.

Therefore, let your kid come with you to your studio. She may surprise you with her flexibility, strength, and abilities. Nevertheless, always ensure that your child is in good health before subjecting them to strenuous workouts. You can consult their doctor if you are in doubt.