How to Turn on Peloton Bike Before Start Spinning?

How to Turn on Peloton Bike

You finally made it to getting yourself the popular Peloton bike. Congratulations, and I assure you that the performance never disappoints. Real value for your money I would say.

But now that you have it, how do you turn on the peloton bike? Do you want to learn how to turn it on flawlessly? Stick with me.

Points to Note Before Turning on Peloton Bike

  • First, you should ensure that the bike is on level ground, to avoid shaking and falling off. Peloton bike has levelling wheels, which are adjustable to ensure that perfect stability is achieved.
  • Second, ensure that there is sufficient free space all round the bike, at least 60cm on each side. And, a bike mat will ensure that you protect your floor from bike damage once you start using the bike.
  • More importantly, if you are to move the bike through a rough space, such as corners, then you will have to remove the screen first. This will save it rom scratches and pressure impact.

How to Turn on Peloton Bike: Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: Reattach the Touchscreen

If you had to go through corners, uneven ground and even stairs, then disconnecting the peloton screen was necessary. To start off the bike, you will have to reattach it to the bike.

Remember the square panel you had to remove at the back of the screen when detaching it from the bike? Remove it first even in this step.

Using a screw driver and the screws that attach the screen, line up the square panel with the monitor mount.

Attach the screen securely on the monitor mount.

See the screen cable? Attached it to the back of the screen.

Step 2: Power on The Peloton Bike

Check for the power jack at the back of your bike. Got it? Now plug in the power cord into the power jack. You can then plug the power supply into the wall, in the socket.

Head back to the screen. At the top of the rear side of the screen is the power button. Press it and hold for some seconds. A green light should show, indicating that the bike is powered on.

Excited? Don’t leave yet though, because there is more.

Step 3: Connect the Peloton Screen to Wi-Fi/ Ethernet

If your internet supply is Wi-Fi, then tap the side of the screen, where a Wi-Fi sign will appear. A list of the Wi-Fi providers will appear, and you can choose yours. Type in your password, and that’s it. You are connected.

Wait, if your Wi-Fi is not secure, the screen will connect automatically, just like other devices will.

But what if the internet supply is ethernet? If you normally use a wired network, then you will have to insert an ethernet cable to the ethernet port at the back of the screen. Then, connect the cable to a router or the wall jack, depending on the provision by your area administrator.

Your peloton will connect automatically, ready for you to continue with the rest of the set up.

Step 4: Set Up Your Peloton Account

Remember that you have to use the email address that you used when purchasing the peloton bike. Alternatively, use the subscription Activation Key that will appear on your screen to get started.

Peloton will ask for your card, whose details you will enter. Once you activate the subscription, you can now choose your preferred subscription.

Now you can update your profile. Enter all your information as required, including your leaderboard preferred name. Also, you will choose music from either Spotify or Apple Music, which you will listen to during workouts.

 If you want the premium subscription, worth $39 per month, you can have it. You will have access to all of peloton workout classes, stored and live. And, as you already must know, your account will take note of all your live metrics.

Nevertheless, the peloton archives are available, luckily for free, to every peloton bike owner. If you want to go through them and use it in the meantime, you have the freedom.

Step 5: Share the Bike

You can actually use your peloton bike with other riders. For instance, a couple can use the same peloton bike, with the exception of account sharing.

Fortunately, peloton allows you to add or switch riders. The other rider will also have their own account, so that their individual output is recorded efficiently.

That’s All

At this point, your bike is all turned on and ready for use, both the bike and the screen. Utilize it to achieve the goal for which you bought the bike.

Also Take Note

You have to adjust the bike parts to suit your specific needs. Let’s have a look at these instances;

  1. Adjust your seat. It is possible to adjust both the height and the depth of your Peloton bike seat. Start with adjusting the height. You will know the right height when you climb on the bike. Your lowest foot point will only be slightly bent while you sit, indicating the ideal peloton seat height.

With the seat depth, you first have to adjust the handlebars’ height.

  • Adjust the Handlebars. The height of the handlebars should be parallel to the height of the seat. At this point, you can adjust the seat depth for suitability.

The arms should bend a little, while the hand rests on the handlebars without straining.

  • Clip in Correctly: Once you have the Look Delta cleat shoes, you can try clipping in to the pedals. You only have to gently point your toes to the pedal platform, and click! The sound of cleats that have successfully clipped in to the bike pedals.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to turn on your Peloton bike and get started, what is the next step? Actualize the information. Following all the steps up close, you will find it simple. With time, you will even find that you follow the steps correctly even unconsciously.

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