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How to Remove Pedals from Peloton Bike

How to Remove Peloton Pedals

Just like all stationary bikes, you have to remove the peloton pedals occasionally from the bike. Sometimes you just want to cycle with a different set of pedals, at times you are only following the normal routine. By the normal routine, I mean that you need to replace the peloton pedals, at least once a year, as part of the maintenance program.

So, how to remove peloton pedals? Here is a step by step procedure that you just can’t ignore!

How to Remove Peloton Pedals

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the left and right pedals are not installed in the same way on the peloton. The left pedal uses a reverse installation design, and this we have to consider during the pedal removal.

Anyway, let’s skip to the procedure of removing the pedals from the peloton bike:

You will need:


Step 1: Turn the Resistance to Zero!

We all know that the resistance knob on the peloton bike is also used as the emergency brake, right? Therefore, if you turn the knob to the extreme right, then both the flywheel and the crank arm will be at a standstill.

This is the position you want when working on the pedals, so that they don’t start moving and mess with your task. Thus, the first step should be to turn the resistance knob to the right before undertaking any other step.

Step 2: Remove the Right-Side Pedal

Inserting the wrench at the axle of the pedal, start the pedal removal process. Turn the wrench counterclockwise, which will loosen the pedal. If you have used the pedals for long, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the removal will be quite tough.

In such an instance, you can add a little more pressure to the wrench, which should go a long way into loosening the pedal. Once you start feeling some ease in the turning, increase the speed.

Then, you can use your active hand to remove the pedal from the crank arm completely.

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Step 3: Let’s Work on the Left Pedal

Like stated above, the left pedal on the peloton bike has been installed in a reverse method, which is what we will follow in the removal process also.

So, take the wrench with you to the left side of the bike. Attach the wrench securely around the axle of the left pedal. Then, turn the axle, and subsequently the pedal, in a clockwise manner.

Just like with the right pedal, apply some pressure in case of resistance. However, if the axle is completely dry, you can oil or grease it, which will soften it. This will ease the process of removing the pedal off the bike.

Then, when the pedal is now loosely held to the crank arm, you can remove the wrench. Use your hands to get it off the crank completely.

There! You now have both the pedals off the bike, ready for a change.

Why Do You Need to Remove the Peloton Pedals?

  • To Install Them Correctly

Especially in subsequent pedal installation, you may once in a while mount the pedals wrongly. When this happens, you look for articles, such as this, or even watch YouTube videos, on how you can correct the challenge.

When you have to reinstall the pedals, you definitely have to remove them. Then, you can now install them anew in the correct manner.

  • To Replace them with New Ones

The peloton brand recommends that you replace the peloton bike pedals at least every once in a year. This is a maintenance measure that will prevent your bike from getting further damage from worn out pedals.

Besides, to optimize the performance on the peloton bike, changing peloton pedals is a measure you have to adhere to adhere to. This way, you will never find your cadence dragging you behind, or have to wait for the pedals to break. Besides, if you don’t change the pedals, you will be posing a risk to the crank arm as well.

  • One of the Pedals Broke

Pedals breaking is no news to the spinning industry. The axle was probably too dry and weak, or, the quality of the pedals you installed was not good enough. Either way, you shouldn’t be overly disappointed when your peloton pedals break. Just find a way out to replace them.

You can buy a new pair of pedals, but this time, with quality as your top preference. using the method above, simply remove the peloton pedals that have a fault, and replace them with a new pair. Pedals that are compatible with peloton are not that expensive, so you can quit that frown and do something about your faulty pedals!

  • To Use a Different Set of Pedals

Sometimes you just feel not up to the peloton pedals standards. You are probably already accustomed to and in love with another pedal system. Or, you already have an elegant pair of cycling shoes that you still want to use on the peloton bike, but the shoes are neither Look Delta nor SPD-SL.

In this case, you can replace the peloton pedals, even if still new, with a new pair of pedals. Many are the instances that people change peloton pedals to SPD pedals.

SPD pedals have the advantage that they are universally used; in cycling studios, they are the highest preference. This is also the case with most road and mountain biking pedal systems.

Hence, you can remove your peloton pedals because you want to use a universal pedal system, or the system that you are already using for other cycling exercises.

Final Verdict

How to remove peloton pedals is a process that takes you only three simple steps, and luckily for you, you now have the steps with you. Nevertheless, you will need to learn the installation of peloton pedals as well, so that you will have an easier task. Removing the pedals and installing others is a process that doesn’t need breaks.

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