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How to Put on Peloton Shoes On Bike – Beginners Guide

How to Put On Peloton Shoes

So, you must have overflowing excitement to own the prestigious peloton bike and its accessories, including an outstanding pair of shoes. Nevertheless, as a beginner, this has never been easy for anyone.

The good news is that we have your back. We will take you through a step by step guide on how to put on peloton shoes, leaving you feeling more relaxed.

What Makes Peloton Shoes Different?

First off, peloton is an indoor stationary bike that you use for cardio exercises. It comes with a screen, from which you will stream live peloton classes for your workouts. For this bike, you will need special cycling shoes.

Peloton shoes are in either Look Delta or SPD-SL cleats, which are the only cleat systems that suit peloton pedals. They are always in 3-hole cleat system, never two.

Unlike most cleat systems, peloton shoes will always have a protruding cleat plate.

Hence, it is difficult that you will manage to walk in them. Moreover, these shoes can damage your bike mat if you walk into the workout room in them.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Put On Peloton Shoes On Bike

You will have to wear the peloton shoes while close to the bike for convenience reasons. Stick with me for a procedure on how you can manage this. This will not only save your mat from damage, but also ensure your safety.

You will need the following;

  • Your peloton shoes
  • Look Delta/ SPD-SL cleats
  • Peloton bike

Step 1: Installing the Cleats

Let’s start with shoes whose cleats are not installed, or ones that need adjustment.

First off, wear your shoes, one at a time. Trace the ball of your foot, and mark it with colored ink, since it will guide the location of the cleats.

Removing the shoe, extend the line to the sole of the shoe. Using this line, bring in your shoe cleats and match them.

You will find a line on the cleats, which you should match to your own. Set the cleats, at first loosely for each bolt. Then tighten the bolts, until you feel you can be safe in them.

Repeat this process with your other shoe, and you will be done with cleat installation.

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Step 2: Wearing The Shoes

Sit down on the mat, if possible, so that the cleats do not make holes on the mat as you put pressure on one foot to put on the other. Now wear your shoes, one shoe at a time. Most shoes have Velcro closure systems or a buckle. Apply it efficiently, and let your shoe fit snug. Almost forgot, you have to put on your cycling socks before wearing the shoes. This is essential to ensure comfort and prevent blisters.

Our aim is to enhance your ride on peloton, so every step that makes it better matters.

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Step 3: Clipping in the Shoes onto the Pedals

Climb on to your peloton bike. Gently pedal, to ensure that the pedals are in the right position.

The 6 o’clock position, whereby one foot is at the bottom most part of the pedal and one at the top most, is the most efficient.

Starting with your right foot on the 6 o’clock angle, hold down the ball of the foot. The ball of the foot is at your forefoot, just adjacent to your large toe and above the mid foot. This is where the cleats are located.

Carefully match your ball of the foot with the pedal clipping surface. Attach your cleats. At this point, you can confidently put all your -weight on the shoe, which will enhance the clipping in process.

A creaking sound will assure you that you are clipped in.

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Step 4: Clipping in the Second Shoe

You are actually done with your right foot. Using it with more pressure compared to the left foot, pedal the bike. This will put your left foot in the position where your right foot was, the 6 o’clock angle.

Point the ball of your foot to the surface of the pedal for a start. You will see the pedal surface, where the shoes will clip in.

Carefully, match your left foot to the surface of the pedal. Once you feel a grip, then add pressure on the foot, so that the cleats are well attached to the pedal.

Again, you will hear the creaking sound, as with the right foot. Now you know that you are through.

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Step 5: Testing Your Installation

Starting slowly, with your hands on your peloton handles and your feet carefully clipped in to the pedals, start your peloton class.

Try feeling your feet, just to be sure that your cleats are well clipped in.

Why Should you Put on Peloton Shoes Correctly?

You probably are wondering, does all this matter? Can’t I just climb on the bike and have the cleats clip in? Of course, you can. But, let me take you back. You are a beginner. That is why the process seems far too much, but don’t worry.

For one, after setting up your cleats correctly, you will not be repeating the first step for some time.

Secondly, once you have done this severally, it becomes a routine, hence a walk in the park.

The bottom line is, yes, the process matters. A few seconds will save you a leg injury that will cost you more if you are not correctly clipped onto your bike.

Anyway, you are now equipped with knowledge on how to put on peloton shoes. Hence, you can bid goodbye to ever having an injury caused by the wrong process of putting on the shoes.

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Bottom Line

How to put on peloton shoes for spinning? You now have the answer. Safety, confidence and commendable performance will now be obvious whenever you get onto your bike.

You can look up here for articles on how to properly position yourself on your bike. Then, everything about your biking time on peloton will be from reliable information.

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