How To Hold A Fightstick Strategies For Beginners

Fight sticks are a special type of controller for fighting games. It is a control set which is having a joystick and some push-buttons.

When you buy one of these types of controller you probably get frustrated, as you’re new to it. You want to go to the pad or stop playing. Just only because of not knowing how to control the fighting sticks or hold it properly. And holding a fight stick is one of the first things you should learn how to use a fightstick. Don’t worry, this guide will cover the basic problems that beginner has when they hold a fight stick. Let’s get started.

First, you have to buy a good quality fight stick and don’t get frustrated just keep on going. Now start with the surface where you should place the controller.

how to use a fightstick

You should select a proper surface for placing the stick because if you are playing for a long time it’s important to place the stick in a proper and comfortable place. You should select surface like lap or flat surface as to place the stick. Actually, this is totally your personal choice. So just place the stick wherever it is comfortable for you.

Flat Surface

Flat surface includes desk, coffee table, TV stand, floor etc. Just make sure the surface is stable because you don’t want to break things.


If you are not able to use a flat surface or you are sitting on a sofa, bed or couch when playing, then lap will be the best option to choose according to your comfort of using a fight stick. I personally prefer to play on lap because this allows me to rest my arms easily on the fight stick.

How To Hold A Fightstick?

Left-hand placement and right-hand placement are two types of hand placement. Holding joystick is left-hand placement. Holding or gripping a joystick should be comfortable. You could play for a long time and it is important to grip the joystick properly.

A lot of people hold it with their fingertips. I personally don’t like to hold by my fingertips because I find the inputs are slow and dashing is really hard and this is awkward. This is how I recommend holding the fightstick or joystick.
Basically, any comfortable way possible so that you can play for a long hour and your hand doesn’t, your wrist doesn’t hurt, your arm doesn’t hurt you know.
I would recommend just taking the hand like handshake position and place your palm towards the buttons and put the bottom part of the hand rested on the fight stick.
Place the ball between the ring finger and pinky little bit and wrapped the ball with fingers. I think this would be very comfortable for dashing different ways, moves like quarter circle forward or other moves. And it helps you to move the joystick with 4 fingers. This type of grip gives a better output. I use this type of grip personally.
Also, there are many different types of grips to use the fightstick or joystick. Here are some common styles you can follow:

Classic full hand Grip

fightstick grips

This type of grip is used for ball joysticks.
For executing this type of grip, just hold the joystick with your fingers and palm like you are holding something in your hand. Wrap the ball with your thumbs like holding a broomstick. That’s why it is also known as broomstick grip. This type of grip helps you with better control over a joystick.

Grip like Wine Glass

fight stick hand position

One of the common favorite type is grip like.
Just hold the joystick in between your middle and ring finger; it’s like holding a wine glass.
With your palm facing up, whilst in the wine glass grip, turn your hand straight up so that the palm facing towards the buttons and the bottom portion of hand rested firmly on the stick.
Then you can use your middle and index fingers, as well as your thumb, to move the joystick for dashing and other movement. Try to keep your hand planted to the fight stick. Do the movement with your fingers and thumb.

Confuse to choose which type of grip is better for you?

Don’t worry. This is not necessary that you have to follow only this type of grip. You can modify the type of grip, according to your comfort and make your own variation. Just hold the joystick and use it as you feel comfortable.

Which type of grip the pro gamers use?

 Name Grip
 Justin Wong  Broomstick
 Kezunoko  Wine Glass
 JDCR  A variation of Broomstick

Pressing the buttons

how to hold a arcade stick

You might have a question. How to use the buttons? So, let’s answer that.

Pressing buttons are under right-hand placement. There is not any fixed way to use buttons. It solely depends on the game you play. Some games require you to press some certain button combination; in that case, you need to use all of your fingers. Some games require using two or three buttons only.

For example, on street fighter I only need 6 buttons (first 3 from up and first three from a down) and for this I use 3 fingers to execute light, medium, heavy punch and light, medium, heavy kick. I would recommend you not to use your thumb to press the button because it is smaller than another finger and it is awkward. I personally don’t recommend using the last two buttons using your pinky. Just remember to rest your wrist on the fight stick. On DBZ fighter, I do the same, but also use the pinky for the 4th button for maximum power. It’s totally up to your choice.

Alright, there you go. You know how to hold the fight stick. What’s next? 

Next is to practice. Pick one of the grips and position that you are comfortable with, load your fighting game and start practicing. The more you practice with your grip the rest will come naturally. 

When you are practicing different types of grip, just try to find out which one is most comfortable for you. When you find one stick with that and practice with. I am damn sure you will become pro one day.

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