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Guideline for Used Peloton Bike: How to Measure Worth When You Buy?

Used Peloton Bike

If you want to save on cost and still have a peloton experience, then buying a used peloton bike could be an awesome option for you. Other than saving on cost, you may actually get a used bike by a seller closer to you, which might have been contrary if you wanted a new one from a store.

It is, however, not so easy for most to decide on a used bike. For one, the considerations may be different from those of a new one. Besides, which considerations to take into account may also be a challenge. Hence, this guideline about used peloton bikes will always come in handy whenever you want to purchase a used bike.

Can I Buy a Used Peloton Bike?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to have a whole $2245 to own a peloton bike, because there are sites that allow people to sell and buy peloton bikes. Sellers advertise their second-hand bikes with a price tag, and buyers who are interested and ready to pay the set price can contact them to get the bike.

However, it is advisable to be careful when buying a bike from individual sellers, say from Facebook or Craigslist. This is because scammers use the sites where they can con vulnerable buyers. You should not transact money before you see the bike, neither should you arrange to meet a person who seems fishy. You should actually ensure that the location you meet for the first time is public to prevent undesirable incidences.

Where Can I Buy A Used Peloton Bike?

Craigslist: You can easily get a used peloton bike from a seller on Craigslist by simply typing in peloton bikes. You will get a list of all the current sellers from which you can choose a bike.

Facebook: Facebook has a page for peloton bike sellers and buyers. If you want one, just join the group and look for adverts from which you can select a bike. On Facebook, people in the group even talk about the sellers and it is easy to identify repetitive scammers.

eBay; Just go to the eBay site and search for peloton bikes. You will get a list of peloton bikes and peloton bike accessories on sale, with a description of condition and age.

How Much Should I Pay for A Used Peloton Bike?

This is the first question that pops to mind whenever you opt for a used bike. However, the answer to this could vary, since the sellers are individuals who already bought the bike, with a right to decide on the amount to dispose of it with. The cost is also dependent on the condition of the bike, other than the duration the bike has been used.

One thing is for certain though; the cost is still cheaper than the cost of a new bike. Most range between $1400 to $2150. You may get one out of this range, again based on the condition and age of the bike, and the seller of the bike.

 A new bike goes for $2245, so you will have saved a lot with a used one. Only ensure you do not get one whose condition demands you to replace and repair parts with a cost that almost ranges that of a new bike altogether.

Which One Is Better, The New or The Used Peloton Bike?

The used peloton bike is better, given that it is cheaper while offering the same services as a new one. You can get one that was only used for three months or less, which means that it is fairly new, yet the cost will obviously be less than that of a new bike.

However, there are instances where a new bike could overrule a used bike. For example, if the used bike you purchased sees you making repairs and replacements that cost you almost as much as a new bike cost, then a new bike would have been more favorable to you. Likewise, if you get a bike whose condition keeps worsening, then you will wish you saved for a new one.

How Long Does a Used Peloton Bike Last?

Is a used peloton bike durable? This is the next disturbing question whenever you think of the used bike. The answer is yes. Remember that the used peloton bike was also new. With the possibility of getting one that has not been used much, then the durability is not different from that of a new bike.

Whether used or new, though, you need to take care of your peloton bike to enhance its lifespan. If it is used, take note that the company warranty is not transferable. You should, therefore, ensure that all the technical details are in order before purchasing, and continue to treat it according to the manual to prevent incurring unnecessary costs.

A used peloton bike could only last a shorter duration if the bike was not in perfect condition at the time you bought it or is not taken care of. You need to ride your bike on a peloton bike mat to protect it from carpet and floor dust, clean it after use and service its parts occasionally.

Can You Buy a Peloton Bike Without A Subscription?

Subscription to peloton online instructor classes are not mandatory. You only subscribe to get live classes and keep track of your metrics. The subscriptions vary, so you only purchase the suitable one for you. If you want a premium package, then you will pay $40 monthly, in exchange for all live classes, metrics and leadership board scores, and an instructor of your choice. A cheaper subscription of $12.99 is available, and you will get access to live classes and an instructor, with the exception of metrics recording and hence not on the leadership board.

With a peloton bike and screen, you can have access to the peloton library, whose archives could see you access around 9,000 classes that are archived.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Used Peloton Bike?

You should take the following factors into account when making a decision on a used peloton bike;

1. Where to buy the bike

You have to decide on where to buy the bike, whether on Facebook, craigslist or eBay. It is advisable to check as many sites as possible so that your choice will not be limited.

If you get a seller living closer to you, and with a bike whose condition you like, then this could be better, as you will avoid incurring more shipping costs.

Since you will meet your seller online, you can request them to send you current pictures of the bike. This will not only give you a rough idea of the bike you are to take, but also ensure that the seller actually has the bike.

Do not send money before you personally see the bike and approve of its condition. This will help you avoid buying a bike that does not exist, and also ensure that you pay for a bike you are satisfied with.

2. The condition of the bike.

The condition of the bike should be a top priority when looking for a used bike, given that you are not guaranteed of warranty or cost return. Ensure that all the parts of the bike are working accordingly.

If the bike seller’s location is far from where you live in such a way that you cannot go view the bike to assess it, then you can request them to have a video chat with you. You can view the bike in detail before you make a decision, and ask them questions where necessary. This will help you make a decision prior to the day you go for the bike so that on the material day of picking you will just check for a few technical details.

Let’s go through the parts of the bike that you should check:

A) Touch Screen

A new bike with the screen is $2250, so it is only in order that the bike comes with its screen, which should be working. You can try working on it before the purchase to ensure that it is not faulty.

The seller should log out their information so that you can easily register your own. They should also give you the details they used when the bike, including an email address and a phone, so as to make your peloton customer care support easier.

Once you register your details on the screen, the screen will display the time limit of the workout class you take, your heart rate, leaderboard, total output, calories burned, cadence and output in watts.

B) Bike Frame

The frame of the bike should be smooth, with all the knobs tight. You can loosen the knobs and tighten them just to be sure that they won’t be a challenge when you are alone. A smooth texture ensures that you do not hurt while spinning on the bike. It is also a sign of less damage and wears.

C) Flywheel, Leveling Feet, and Transport Wheels

Ensure that the leveling wheels, which are at the front of the bicycle just adjacent to the flywheel, and the transport wheels, which are at the back, are moving with ease. The flywheel, which is a major part of the bike, should move with ease. The belt guard should be intact and not broken.

 Try turning them and putting them to work to be at peace.

D) Handlebars and Saddle

You should be able to adjust the handlebars and the seat to the height that suits you. The peloton bike seat accommodates heights from 4’11 inches to 6’5 inches, so the users must be within this range.

Try adjusting the seat by loosening the seat L-handle clockwise to and anticlockwise. Use the handlebars L-handle to adjust the handles too. If this is with ease, then the parts are good to go.

E) Pedals

There are two clipless pedals, in which you clip in your cleated shoes. Ensure that these pedals can be adjusted since you will need to adjust them occasionally during your maintenance rounds. You can, however, overlook the condition of the pedals, since they are meant to be replaced every year. You can replace them once the bike is in your possession, so take the bike if it is worth the cost.

F) Resistance knob

A peloton stationary cycling or spinning metric is calculated by the measure of resistance and cadence. The bike has a resistance knob, which you turn right to increase resistance and left to decrease (a quick tip; resistance adds to your output in comparison to cadence).

The resistance knob is also used for braking, thus an essential part of the bike. The bike should come to a sudden stop once you press the knob, which should be the best measure of the latter’s performance.

G) Allen wrench

A peloton bike comes with an Allen wrench for tightening its knobs, which is 15mm. You can ask the seller to transfer this to you, though, you can buy a new one if it’s all that is missing.

H) Power

Plugin the power cord to the power source, and connect it to the power jack. The power jack is located at the back of the bike.

You can now gauge whether your bike is in good condition, after which you can make an informed decision.

3. Accessories That Come with The Offer

You may get a seller who wants to do away with indoor cycling, thus disposing of all the accessories that come with biking peloton. You may get a mat, cleats and a bike seat cover that are in good condition at subsidized costs. This will not only save you the high cost of new items but also help you get onto your bike immediately you install it in your house since you do not have to wait for order arrivals.

4. Cost of the Bike

Though not a major consideration, the main reason for which you would go for a used bike is to save on cost. As mentioned earlier, try to visit as many sites that allow used peloton bike sales as much as you can. Choosing from a wide variety will help you to buy a bike that favors your interests most.

You can get a bike that is in very condition at one site, and the same is more expensive in another. Taking into consideration bike conditions, go for the cheapest option available.

You should also consider the location of the seller. The seller closest to you will save you shipping costs. Moreover, this could help you get to see the bike prior to the day you want to make a purchase.

Shipping costs will be involved in the bike seller is not closer to your location wise. Hence, you should factor in the amount of money that you will spend to have the bike delivered to your place, which, added to the cost of obtaining the bike, is still less as compared to that of a new bike. If you will have to travel to get the bike yourself, factor in the costs you will spend too.

You must ensure that the used bike you choose actually saves you money and still gives you the required peloton experience optimally.

5. Age and Usage

It is of essence that the bike you are purchasing is not too old since the time of purchase. Peloton keeps improving its services, and the more recent the bike left the shop the better its performance.

A bike that is not damaged by excessive use will also give you better service. For one, you will not need to replace much and more than that, you will be assured of better performance of most parts.

Ensure that the replaced parts are in accordance with the guidelines of the peloton. You can even contact peloton customer care in case of any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can peloton bikes help you to lose belly fat?

Yes, it can. All spinning and stationary workouts will help you lose fat on the whole body, and your belly will be flat within several committed peloton classes.

What type of cycling shoes are used on peloton bikes?

Look Delta or SPD-SL cleated shoes will clip into the peloton bike pedals. You can also use toe cages if you are not using cleats. All these are meant to ensure that you are safely positioned on the peloton bike pedals.

Will I get a warranty on the used peloton bike?

No, you won’t. Peloton bike warranty is only applicable to the original buyer, thus not transferable. You will have to cater for any challenge posed by the bike if you bought it second hand.

Parting Shot

Buying a used peloton bike is more economical, and with so many people selling them online, you can get a good offer and use the remainder of your savings to buy a bike mat, cycling shoes, and other necessary accessories. You should, however, ensure that the bike is up to the requirements as stated above.

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