How To Build A Fightstick Step By Step Guide

build a fightstick
Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

To make a fight stick you need the knowledge how to build a fightstick and I’m here to help you to dig into. I’ll share all the knowledge you need to make a sustainable and premium fight stick and also share with you the links about fight stick parts that you’ll need to fetch the goods. Fight stick can be of any type. But first, you need these things…

  1. Chassis/Control Panel
  2. USB Encoder
  3. 8x 30mm Action Buttons
  4. 1x Joystick or Lever
  5. Rubber Pads
  6. Plexiglass
  7. Artwork

You need to gather these following components to build a fight stick. Here are arcade stick kits …

1. Chassis/Control Panel -Arcade controller kit

Fightstick case or Control Panel is the mainframe to build a fight stick. You need a chassis to establish the buttons and place the joystick or lever. This frame can be any type of your choice, and it doesn’t require any power tools or woodwork or anything crazy. You can import your chosen chassis from the Amazon, or you can make it on your own.

2. USB Encoder

You must need a USB encoder to connect your components with it. Because this USB encoder will communicate with your PC/PlayStation/Video game console. This encoder doesn’t need any soldering and you must need a zero-delay encoder to respond to your call very quickly. You can customize your stick by this encoder because it is able to connect or disconnect wires with a lightning-fast speed. You can import your chosen encoder from the Amazon.

3. Action Buttons

8 Push buttons you’ll need to build your fight stick. Sanwa or Hayabusa components will make your fight stick better to control and fight against your opponent. But These Sanwa Denshi or Hayabusa buttons cost you too much. You can use either Qanba buttons or can try others as well. Check the Amazon.

4. Joystick or Lever


A joystick or lever is a very important component of an arcade-style fight stick. Joystick mainly works of the movement of your character in the game. It’s very important because it’s used to bring out your characters’ powerful ability and smash your opponent with the finishing style. I always prefer a good lever that is lightning fast response. Sanwa or Hayabusa lever cost too much, but these joysticks can help you to improve yourself and, on the fight. Check the joystick On Amazon.

5. Rubber Pads

Rubber Pads

Fight stick has to build with some anti-slip rubber pads. These rubber pads help you not to slip the fight stick on any surface while playing or fighting. Even if you’re playing surface is slippery or something like that, the rubber pads give you more comfort and you’ll feel better I guaranteed. You can find the rubber pads on your own or you can buy these from the Amazon.

6. Plexiglass


A plexiglass to make a fine and awesome out looking fight stick. The plexiglass will let you play and feel comfortable on your wrist while playing the game. It is very smooth, and you can feel the artwork inside of it. When you’ll customize your fight stick and build your own custom artwork to modify and to look gorgeous your fight stick, you need to remove the plexiglass. Then you’ll be able to put an artwork on the front of your fight stick and make it outstanding. The plexiglass is attached to the fight stick with some screws. You can build your plexiglass on your own or buy.

7. Artwork

fightstick artwork

Finally, A cool and dashing artwork makes your fight stick gorgeous. Artwork will feel you better and you feel the fight stick more premium comparing with others. You can build your artwork in a plain strong sheet or you can choose your artwork on the website. You can order your chosen artwork and can customize your fightstick on your own. To change the artwork or to place the artwork in your fight stick, first, you have to remove the plexiglass that is placed in front of your fight stick and then, you can replace your own build or ordered artwork to make the fight stick a charming console. As I said before, the artwork will make your fight stick premium.

Time to Make Your Fight Stick

Now, fetching all these components, then you can start to make the fight stick. I’ll tell you one by one so that you can understand my instructions.

First of all, you need to set up the USB Encoder into your fight stick and fix that very tied into the chassis. Because the wires of buttons and lever and also the USB cable connect to the USB Encoder. After that you need to set the buttons and lever on the chassis and connect them perfectly with the USB Encoder.

Then you can add sound system or LED lights or anything you want to and fix the chassis with some screws. After that, you need to set up the rubber pads at the bottom of your stick for restricting sloppiness. The middle and bottom part building is over.

Finally, you need to come to build the top side. You need to place the artwork what you choose very carefully on top of your fight stick. Then you can place the plexiglass on up to the artwork and fix it with some other screws. Your fight stick is almost ready. You need to set up the ball top of the joystick and then, your fight stick will perfectly be done by on your own.