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7 Best Toe Cages for Peloton Bike and Indoor Cycling

toe cage for peloton bike

The question is, Are toe clips/cages worth having? I say yes, of course. If you want your foot secure on pedals especially for your growing kids, there is no way to get a toe cage for your bike or cycle. Moreover, You can confidently apply as much force as you want, knowing that your foot will not slip off the pedal.

Toe cages are biking accessories that are attached to the front of the bike pedal, where you insert your front shoe into for better pedal grip. They are cheaper than peloton cleats plus recommended cycling shoes, which is why they are an ideal solution for you as you await your cycling shoes.

To get the best toe cages for your existing peloton bike pedals; however, is tasking and laborious. Hence, we have done the superb groundwork for you to ensure that you have a range of seven of the best toe cages to choose from (Given Below). And this is the only cage that compatible with your default peloton pedals.

Venzo Fitness – Best Peloton Toe Cages Work with Default Peloton Pedals

Specially designed for spin bikes, this toe cage is compatible with Look Delta pedals, which peloton bikes use.

Most importantly, you will get sufficient energy transfer to the pedals, as you can convert pedals to the Look Delta style for use with clips.

But that’s not all; the toe cage construction, which is heavy duty plastic, is highly durable. Moreover, its strength enables efficient performance on the peloton bike.

Amazingly, you can adjust the toe cage position, at least up to 15mm. Actually, it is the only toe cage that provides for adjustment. In a size of 130 by 145 by 85mm, even the widest of feet will comfortably fit in the toe cage.

  • Dual function for power transfer.
  • Compatible with peloton bike pedals.
  • Adjustable
  • No cons

Exustar Clipless Adapter Pedal with Toe ClipCompatible with Your Default Peloton Pedals [Editor Choice]

The exustar brand offers true quality toe clips that you can float on large degree securely. It come with hook and loop belt to make sure that there is zero accident chance, no slipping and mishaps. It also increases more control on pedals. Overall, its a good choice who want a thermoplastic platform toe clip for safe spinning.

  • Great for peloton bike and easy installation
  • This toe clip comes with two or three hole options
  • Durable and affordable
  • Sometimes Cleats need to buy separately but it’s not a big deal.

Naisi Pedal Adapter Toe Clips with Straps: Specific for Peloton Bike and Bike+

As soon as the bike plus hit the market, Naisi took the advantage to come up with these peloton-specific pedal clips. They easily transform the look delta clipless pedals to pedals you can ride on in sneakers. 

On top of that, the toe cages are designed from high-quality plastic material, which is durable and stylish on your bike. With a warranty that lasts a whole year, you are definitely on the safe side.

More amazingly, the toe cage presents an adjustable clip position to fit any rider’s feet size easily. Even the big feet that have a challenge getting suitable toe clips are now sorted! Basically, the clips adjust up to 20mm wide.

Besides, the pedal cages are easy to install on the other side of the pedals, so you can switch from clipless pedals to clipped and back as you wish.


  • Suitable for both Peloton bikes
  • Guaranteed high-quality construction
  • Comes with straps for more safety and adjustment
  • Suitable Adapter for any shoe on the peloton bike

7 Best Toe Cages for Peloton Cage-Ready Pedals

Here is the quick list of the Best Toe Cages for Peloton Bike and Indoor Cycling. You can see following the brief description of every product.

  1. Sunlite – Mini Toe Clips on Budget
  2. Zefal “Cristophe” – Bicycle Half Toe Clip for Easy Spinning
  3. MKS Half Clip –  Durable Mini Steel Toe Clip
  4. EVO Strapless – High Quality Toe Clips for Bike Pedals
  5. Velox Ultracycle – Toe Clips with Straps and Hardware (Pair) MEDIUM
  6. SUNLITE ATB – Toe Clips and Straps, Safe for Kids
  7. Atozi Track –  Pedal Steel Toe Clips & Leather Straps Set, Safe for Everyone

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By scrolling down you’ll find detailed reviews of the Best Peloton Toe Cages. So let’s dig in…

1. Sunlite – Mini Toe Clips on Budget

These toe clips ensure that you can use the same shoes on your peloton indoor bike, and also on your commuting bike due to its versatile features. It is made of resin, which is tough and durable, so you can guess that your purchase may turn out to be a one-time thing, a feature that any buyer desires.

You will not require to use straps with these toe cages, as they are designed to give your shoe sufficient grip.

It is easy to install on your bike pedals and will fit any standard pedal cage holes. Moreover, it is easy to get your foot into and out. This feature makes it more convenient than cleats.

During your road cycling, these toe cages provide for reflectors that will ensure visibility, enhancing your safety.

  • The toe cages are made of resin, which is a tough and lasting material.
  • Easy to get into, given that all you have to do is insert the front part of your shoe. You don’t need straps, as the front foot grip is enough.
  • It is easy to install on your bike, taking a few minutes. The bolts and nuts required are available in the package.
  • Reflectors are installed on the toe cages to enhance safety during road cycling.

  • They do not provide for the upward stroke of the pedal; thus, cleats may be preferred for this purpose.

2. Zefal “Cristophe” – Bicycle Half Toe Clip for Easy Spinning

These Chinese half toe clips stood out with their simple yet impressive features. They can fit any standard bike pedal, and come in sizes that cater for all feet sizes. You can choose from the S/M and L-XL sizes depending on the size of your shoe, or consult the supplier for specific size fits.

They are made of resin, thus durability guaranteed. No straps will be needed with these toe cages, therefore saving you extra straps cost and also the time it takes with straps when you want on and off the bike.

They are easy to install, with all the installation hardware, that is, bolts and nuts included to ensure perfection during the installation.

  • They are made of tough and durable resin material, thus long-lasting.
  • They come with all the installation hardware required, saving you the money and hustle of an extra package.
  • They are considerate of all shoe sizes, favoring even the extreme ones.
  • Given that one will not need straps with these cages, getting in and out becomes simpler.

  • Their design makes them vulnerable to ground touch, thus not safe especially for beginners.

3. MKS Half Clip –  Durable Mini Steel Toe Clip

These are toe clips that will ensure that your cleat-free period on your Peloton bike is still worth the time.

It is compatible with all standard bike pedals that allow for cages. The mini-open style makes it easy to get on and off the pedals, thus great if you want to engage in other activities in between your biking sessions.

The nuts and bolts that you need for your installation onto the bike come in the package, so you don’t have to make extra orders and arrangements to get them.

The medium size allows for most standard shoes to fit in.

  • It is easy to get in and out of, since it is in a convenient mini-open design.
  • The nuts, washers and bolts required are in this package, saving you time and money.
  • It is compatible with peloton and all bikes that allow for cages, which makes it versatile.
  • Extreme shoe sizes are not considered since the toe cage is only in one medium size.
  • Being made of chrome steel, it is not advisable to ride it or keep it in humid conditions.

4. EVO Strapless High Quality Toe Clips for Bike Pedals

Evo strapless toe cages for bike pedals are compatible with all bike pedals of standard sizes. Despite being made of resin, they are less stiff, making them comfortable.

They are light in weight, therefore will ensure that your performance is not affected by their presence. They are strapless and do not require straps to enhance their grip. This makes the user flexible when they want on and off the bike often.

The simple and easy mounting on your bike gives you a chance to do it by yourself, with all you need an installation manual.

  • Lightweight, which prevents additional weight that can inconvenience your biking output.
  • They are easy to get on and out of, and do not require extra straps to give a good grip.
  • They are made of durable resin material.
  • They affect your peloton cadence since they are not good for the upper pedal strokes.

5. Velox Ultracycle – Toe Clips with Straps and Hardware (Pair) MEDIUM

If you are looking for pedal cages that provide for straps, then Velox Ultracycle toe clips, which come with pedal straps are a great option. Straps make the toe cages safer, especially if your cycling or spinning, such as the one required with the peloton, takes longer.

The woven straps are made of nylon, and so are the cages, which make them more durable. They are 450mm long, thus suitable for most feet and leg sizes. They will ensure that your feet are not only secured from the front by the toe cage, but also at the sides by the straps.

The toe cages are of medium size, taking into account most feet sizes. They are easy to install onto your bike, a task you can carry out on your own.

  • These cages make your peloton spinning safe without the necessity of cleats, due to the straps involved, in addition to their great front grip.
  • The nylon that wove the straps is durable, making them long-lasting.
  • They are easy to install on the bike and fits most standard bike pedal cage holes.

  • The straps make it difficult when you want faster in and out of your bike.

6. SUNLITE ATB – Toe Clips and Straps, Safe for Kids

If you are a Sunlite fan but want clips you can use with straps, then your best shot is with these ATB toe cages and straps. The straps are woven, giving them an attractive design.

The toe clips are suitable for ATB and hybrid use, thus peloton compatible. They are also suitable for all nuts and bolts, giving you an easier time.

They come in two sizes, large and small, ensuring that all shoe size needs are incorporated.

  • They are compatible with ATB and hybrid bikes, making the clips a versatile set.
  • They come with straps, which secure you regardless of the intensity of your biking workout.
  • They are compatible with all bolt and nut sizes.
  • The package does not provide for proper instructions on installation.

7. Atozi Track –  Pedal Steel Toe Clips & Leather Straps Set, Safe for Everyone

If genuine leather excites you with its quality and standard, then Atozi brings you a great addition to your bike accessories. These toe clips come with leather straps that will last longer than you can imagine, offering you the best service on your bike.

The clips are made of chrome steel, thus durable. They fit all sizes between 8.5 and 12, taking into consideration the highest number of sizes. It fits in most bikes, and your peloton is no exclusion. They are easy to mount on your bike, taking less than ten minutes.

These toe clips give you an alternative to cleats on your bike and having them ensure that your biking experience never stops.

  • They are durable, due to the leather material of the straps and the steel used to make the clips.
  • They fit most cycling sizes, ranging between 8.5 to 12.
  • They are suitable for most bikes that allow for toe cages.

  • Since the toe cages have to be used with straps, they take longer to get in and out of, consuming time.

How to Install Toe cages on a Bike: Step-By-Step Guide

You already have the toe cages, but have no idea how to best mount them on your bike? This step-by-step guide should ensure that your installation challenge is taken care of.

Step 1: Put your bike in a reclining position. You will see some bolts at the front of the pedal frame. This is where the toe clips are supposed to be installed. If your bike has a reflector where the pedal cages should clip in, then remove it and place it elsewhere where it will still be visible. Unscrew the bolts on this location, to create space for the screwing of the toe cage.

Step 2: Place the toe cage adjacent to the hole created, so that its hole match that of the pedal frame. The cage should be facing at the front of the bike so that its rear can fit the shoe. You can either use the hardware that comes with the toe cage or the one that was previously on the bike.

Step 3: Screw in the bolts into the toe clip, and into the pedal hole. Once it is well-fitted, use the bike’s Allen wrench to tighten the bolts. Fix the nuts and you are done.

Step 4: Repeat the above procedure with the remaining toe cage.

Step 5: Try fitting your foot into the toe cage. If it perfectly fits while you are on your bike, then the installation was successful. If not, then repeat the procedure to correct your mistake.

What to Consider When Buying Toe Cages for Peloton Bike


You should look for quality whenever you want to buy any equipment you want to use for long. Quality not only assures you of durability but also ensures that you get an item that looks good even after a long time of usage.


Cleats that come with their own nuts and bolts are the best. They will save you the cost of additional packages, in addition to ensuring that you get a set that best fits your clips.


It is of the essence to get toe cages that your shoes will easily fit in and have a grip. You should ensure that the available toe clips fit your feet size, especially if only one size is available. You should be more vigilant if your shoe size number is not on the medium range.


Ensure that you get toe cages within your budget limit, while still taking into account all the other features. You can easily get comfortable in a shoe clip whose brand is fairly new, yet the results worth more. However, never compromise quality for cost unless you want to use the cages for a shorter period.


Get the toe cages that offer you maximum comfort on the bike. One way you know this is by ensuring that they are light in weight, which ensures that no added weight bothers your workout. Secondly, the design should ensure that your feet do not ache after the exercise, fits well, and moreover, you don’t strain to remain in position.


If you want clips you can get on and off your bike easily with, then going for strapless clips will be better for you. On the other hand, straps guarantee more safety, especially with spinning. You can consider toe cages that come with or allow straps if you want to use the cages for a full-time peloton class.


Though peloton is an indoor activity, if you want toe clips that you can use for outdoor cycling too, then you should go for those that will not rust when you are rained on or come into contact with water. Most people want toe cages so that they can also use the clipless pedal bikes for commuting, which makes your cages vulnerable. In this case, ensure they are not made of metal.


Unlike cleats, which are specific for certain bikes, toe cages can fit a wide variety of bikes. The wider the variety the better for you, since you can use your toe cages on all your biking workouts as you wish, without any limit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why need a toe cage?

A toe cage protects your feet from falling off the pedals when you are not in cleats. They are a good indoor cycling accessories for use with regular shoes, or cycling shoes that do not match your bike pedals.

Are toe cages harmful?

No, they are not. As long as you use them with the right type of shoes, whose front is hard to protect your toes, then you can use toe cages for as long as you want without an issue.

Do toe cages come in pairs, or do you buy one in a package?

Yes, they do. You buy toe cages for both feet, right and left in one package. Just a single order is enough for your pedal clip needs.

Can you spin-in toe cages?

Yes, you can. You can use these before you buy cleats, or as an alternative to cleats whenever you want a change and still get good results.

Which is better for spinning, toe clips, or cleats?

Cleats are better than toe cages, especially if you are in serious spinning classes. This is because cages are not great with upper strokes, which puts a strain on the leg muscles and may affect total output in comparison to cleats.

Which Type of shoes should you use with toe cages?

You can use any type of sporting or cycling shoe with a tough sole and front. Any regular non-cycling shoe will also do, except for open shoes, sandals, and light rubber shoes.


Toe cages give you relief from cleats, especially when you want to be on and off your bike in between your biking sessions. Having the best clips ensures you not only use them as an alternative to cleats but also when you want to strengthen your leg muscles more. This makes them a necessary accessory for your peloton biking workouts. With the above considerations taken into account, one of the best 7 toe cages in this article should give you satisfaction. Only remember that you are the best judge of the peloton accessory that best works for you.

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