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Most Comfortable Shoes for Peloton Bike Reviewed in 2021

peloton bike shoes
Image credit: Peloton

After getting your posh Peloton bike, the next accessory you really want is Peloton compatible shoes. But the question is, which shoes are compatible with Peloton?

No doubt that Peloton brand shoes are compatible with the bike. But what if you find the shoes too expensive or in sizes not suitable for you? This is where we come in, with commendable shoes that clip in perfectly for your peloton pedals. We reviewed some of the best shoes for peloton bike available in the market, both in terms of quality and performance.

Sounds interesting? Just keep reading.

What shoes to buy for the peloton bike? A Must Read

Cycling shoes with Look Delta or SPD-SL cleats (3-hole cleats system) only work with Peloton default pedals. That’s why it’s also called look delta shoes. Remember, Shoes with SPD cleats (2-hole cleats system) won’t work with default pedals.

Do you need special shoes for Peloton bike?

It is recommended to use special shoes for the peloton bike but not mandatory. As you know, peloton uses clipless pedals; hence the need for a specific type of shoes. When riding peloton, you will require either Look Delta or SPD-SL style, which are the only types compatible with the pedals.

Do You Really Need Peloton Brand Shoes?

No, you don’t. You can look for shoes from other shoe brands, as long as they use the three-hole cleat design in the Look Delta or SPD-SL style. This freedom becomes somewhat helpful for people with wide feet since peloton brand shoes tend to run narrow a bit for some users.

Can You Ride Peloton with Regular Shoes?

Of course, you can. Use toe cage or pedals with toe cages and straps if you want to use regular shoes like sneakers or any other cycling shoes. This way, you will get to ride the bike with regular shoes and even involve other family members and friends in using the bike. Note: You can use spd shoes by changing the default pedal to spd pedals.

For the wide toes or feet, Read the 5 best peloton shoes for wide feet

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What are the Best Shoes for Peloton Bike? Peloton Cycling Shoes Reviewed

Short on time? Let’s see the first top 10 shoes at a glance. [All shoes are SPD-SL or Look Delta cleats compatible] and you will also find the deep review of every shoe by scrolling down.

  1. Tommaso Pista  – Best Women’s Shoes for Peloton Bike (Women’s)
  2. Shimano  – Indoor Cycling Shoes Compatible with Peloton (Women’s & Men’s)
  3. Gavin Elite  – Budget-Friendly Peloton Compatible Shoes (Women’s & Men’s) Cheap Peloton Shoes
  4. Venzo –Peloton Bike Shoes (Wide Feet Size Available); (Men’s & Women’s)Editor’s Favorite
  5. Tommaso Strada 100 – Best Peloton Compatible Shoes (Spd & Look Delta Option) – [Men’s]
  6. Tommaso Strada 200 – Peloton Bike’s Shoes with Wide Range Sizes (Men’s)
  7. Diamondback – Women’s Cycling Shoes for Peloton with Affordable Price (Women’s)
  8. Tiebao  – Spd Sl, Look Delta Bike Shoes For Peloton On Budget (Women’s & Men’s)
  9. Fizik R5  – Comfort Spin Shoes for Peloton Bike (Men’s)
  10. Shimano Sh-Rp1 – Bike Shoes Compatible with Peloton (Women’s)

Below is the full review of every peloton bike compatible shoe that will help you select the perfect shoe.

1. Tomaso Pista Women’s Spin Shoe Bundle – Best Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes (SPD & look delta cleats) –Top Pick For Women

Size available: US- 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 10, 10.5

This Tomaso brand brings women shoe that is great for both cycling and spinning. These are the best shoes for peloton bike and bike plus, women should consider in their bid for the peloton. They come with delta cleats already installed, saving you money, a separate order hustle, and also cleat installation. The cleats are directly installed under the ball of the foot, which ensures that you avoid foot, knee, and joint injury. The cleats have also been confirmed to easily clip into peddles and out in various peloton bike shoe reviews from satisfied clients.

Further, the shoe alternative is available in this bundle, in case you have different types of peddles. The shoes are made of synthetic leather, which ensures durability even after strenuous biking and spinning activities, in addition to providing breathability. The fiberglass infused sole ensures that the rigidity required in the best cycling shoe is provided, in addition to enhancing power transfer to the peddles. It has Velcro straps that allow for stability and easier wearing.

  • the shoes are used for spinning and cycling, thus versatile
  • Comes with peloton compatible cleats
  • The fiberglass included in the sole enhances its stiffness, which is great for cycling and spinning
  • The bundle has a dual cleat system, thus allowing for other cleat systems
  • The ventilation from the upper shoe meshwork enhances breathability
  • The shoe sizing is standard, thus not suitable for wider feet

Why It is Considered

Tomaso Pista Women’s spin shoe bundle is a great fit for those who want a pair required for both spinning and cycling. It is also a good choice for beginners; as the peloton compatible cleats are already installed, thus making the experience easier.

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2. Shimano Cycling Shoe – Men’s & Women’s Favorite Peloton Bike Shoes

It is made of a breathable mesh, which ensures that the feet do not succumb to heat from pressure. This blend also ensures that stretches do not lead to tear and wear of the shoe.

The rubber soles of these shoes are rigid, thus enhancing rigidity. This feature helps in increasing power transfer from the feet to the peddle. The biker can, therefore, cycle faster and for a longer duration.

These shoes come with triple asymmetrical straps, which, when adjusted, ensure that the pressure on the foot is minimized. The cushioned tongue ensures the comfort of the toes is assured.

  • They are made of synthetic leather and mesh, thus durability
  • The tongue of the shoe is cushioned to ensure toe comfort
  • The straps ensure that pressure on the feet is prevented
  • It accommodates for both medium and wide feet
  • The stiff soles ensure maximum power transfer, thus ensuring one is not easily fatigued
  • One has to purchase cleats separately

Why It is Considered

This shoe is a quality fit that is made for men and women, with peloton shoe sizing accommodative to most women and men.

3. Gavin Elite Cycling Shoe – Budget Friendly Peloton Compatible Shoes

If you are looking for unisex cycling shoes compatible with the peloton, perhaps for a family match, then Gavin Road Bike Shoes are the way to go. This SPD-SL fitting pair ensures that your peloton cycling shoes for an indoor and road workout are taken care of.  This shoe also comes with the additional feature of a 3-hole design that allows for other cleat types thus suitable if you use SPD in addition to peloton peddles.

The synthetic upper material ensures that the shoe lasts longer. It is ventilated to offer breathability. It is lined with a perforated innersole that is fast drying, thus ensuring that the foot gets a cool breeze even after sweating. The shoe is lightweight, thus increasing the speed and efficiency of the cycling sessions. The fiberglass incorporated in the nylon sole caters to the rigidity of the sole, thus bringing in the desired power transfer.

It has loop straps and a carbon fiber loop that make it easier to wear, a relief from the laces and lace knots. The straps ensure that the feet are securely fit into the shoes. It further provides for a heel cap that ensures that your heels are protected during cycling.

The peloton shoe sizing is standard, thus catering for your exact feet needs.

  • Unisex, thus an ideal match for family indoor cycling footwear needs
  • An indoor designed peloton cycling shoe, thus perfectly suiting this activity
  • Fiberglass is infused in the nylon sole, increasing sole rigidity, thus efficiency in power transfer.
  • The perforated innersole ensures that the feet do not become wet from sweat, thus saving you the discomfort.
  • Standard shoe sizing, thus may not suit those with very long feet.

Why It is Considered

Do you need best cycling shoes for peloton bike that will be matching for you and your spouse for your indoor cycling workouts? Then this choice is perfect. It is one of the best indoor cycling shoes.

4. Venzo Bicycle Spin Riding Shoe– Men’s and Women’s Peloton Bike Shoes (Wide Feet Size Available)Editor’s Favorite

Size available: 5.5 US Woman, 6.5 US Woman, 8 US Woman/ 6.5 US Men, 9 US Woman/ 7.5 US Men, 9.5 US Woman/ 8 US Men, 10 US Woman/ 8.5 US Men, 10.5 US Woman / 9 US Men, 11 US Woman / 9.5 US Men, 13 US Men

This dual cleat pair fits several types of cleats: SPD-SL, SPD, Look, Crank Brother, and Speedway, thus ensuring that your peloton shoe needs are taken care of. It is designed for the road, commuting, touring and spinning, and of course also best shoes for peloton bike, thus versatile. The shoes will come with peloton shoe cleats, which allow for a 9-degree float. This float level allows for lateral posture, therefore will protect you from injury. The cleats stay attached to the peloton peddle, thus protecting you from the risk of slipping off.

Its tough outer sole ensures that you do not hurt while on the peddle, in addition to increasing power transfer. This rubber sole is also heat-insulated, thus allowing you to cycle comfortably for long.

The shoes come with a textile lining and a removable sock liner, all of which ensure that your feet are comfortable and sweat-free. The upper mesh and synthetic material further improve this function. They are lightweight, and perfect peloton shoes women will prefer.

  • Versatile, thus peloton compatible spin shoes in addition to being peloton cycling shoes
  • Heat-insulated rubber soles, which is a unique feature
  • Removable sock liner, thus reducing bad smell retention in your shoes
  • Comes with peloton cleats, which have a 9-degree float, thus ensuring lateral body posture and preventing injury
  • Lightweight, thus ensuring that you can spin and cycle longer and faster
  • A little on the heavy side

Why It is Recommended

These shoes are an awesome choice if you are looking for versatility and perfect peloton shoe sizing that will secure your foot. They will give you excellent performance whether you are looking for road cycling, touring, indoor cycling or spinning, and also worth commuting in.

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5. Tomaso Strada 100 Elite Cycling Shoes – Best Peloton compatible Shoes for Men (SPD & look delta cleats) – Top Pick For Men

Size available: US- 7.5, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 13

In peloton shoe reviews, this shoe has always had its users holding it in high regard. It is perfect for both road cycling and indoor spinning.

The nylon sole rigidity ensures power transfer while offering a carbon fiber cleat plate that allows for most cleat systems in the market, SPD-SL and Look Delta included. These cleat systems, which are perfect for the peloton, ensure the shoes are a fit for peloton bike. The shoes are made for all types of terraces, rough grounds included.

The nylon mesh inserts infused in microfiber upper material allow for breathability and durability. The design is completed by a reel knob lacing system, which you can dial in for the best fitting. The inner sole is made in an Eva footbed design that ensures the comfort of the feet. It is removable, thus can be washed separately.

Moreover, the shoes have a 2-year warranty, thus guaranteed quality.

  • Durable material, guaranteed by a warranty of two years
  • Eva designed footbed to increase the comfort of the feet
  • Reel knob lacing system, which allows you to dial into the perfect fit
  • Perfect for both cycling and spinning.
  • None so far!

Why It is Recommended

These are peloton shoe women of standard feet sizing looking for durability would go for. It provides the value of its cost.

6. Tommaso Strada 200 – Peloton Bike’s Shoes For Men with Wide Range Sizes

Size available: US- 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 12, 13

If Tomaso Strada 100 was not suitable because your feet are wider, then you can still go Tomaso with Tomaso Strada 200 shoes. They are a perfect make designed for men. They are great for both spinning and cycling, offering you the dual peloton experience that anyone will look for.

The durable synthetic leather and ventilated mesh at the sides assure you of freedom from excessive heat after long rides and spinning workouts. The ratcheting buckle and straps starting from the toes ensure an all-shoe adjustment, ensuring comfort. It has a reflective strip on the heel to ensure you are visible in low light and fog.7

The fiberglass infused outer soles allow for rigidity to will improve power transfer. It is compatible with Look Delta cleats.

  • Quality guarantee, as the shoe is made of strong synthetic leather
  • Efficient power transfer is given by the fiberglass included in the outer sole
  • Perfect for all peloton workouts; spinning, indoor cycling, road cycling, and sporting
  • Shoe straps that are adjustable for toe comfort, in addition to a precision buckle that allows for comfort and security of the whole foot
  • The straps in some of these shoes weaken with time and tend to loosen during workouts. But not all time

Why It is Recommended

Tomaso Strada 200 is perfect for wide feet, with quality and performance uncompromised thus giving you the best of peloton cycling.

7. Diamondback – Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Peloton with Affordable Price

These are women’s shoes compatible with a peloton that has won the road cycling shoe race.  The synthetic leather and mesh ensure that your long track cycling is not slowed by overly sweaty feet, and so does the perforated innersole. This inner sole is removable, thus providing for a quick wash.

The shoes have a 3-bolt cleat system that allows for Look Delta and SPD-SL cleats, just the perfect cleats for peloton pedals. The outer sole is made of rubber and fiberglass, which is perfect for rigidity, thus convenient for power transfer.

The upper shoe is made of synthetic leather and mesh to increase breathability. It has a 3-strap closure system, which gives you an easier time wearing it.

  • It has TPU walk pads at the heel and toes, thus provide for walking especially during tours.
  • The fiberglass infused in the outer sole ensures that the biking experience is simpler and fun
  • The synthetic leather and mesh of the upper shoe allows for breathability
  • Have a 3-strap closure system, which thus enhancing foot protection
  • One has to buy cleats separately, thus learn to install them properly too

Why It is Recommended

These shoes are compatible with the LOOK Delta cleats required for Peloton, but they look like they would accept a variety of cleat types. 

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8. Tiebao Cycling Shoes – SPD SL Look Bike Shoes for Peloton on Budget For Men & Women

These synthetic shoes qualify to be among the best peloton compatible shoes, given the features they offer. If you are looking for perfect peloton shoes, then this should be your pick.

Their fiberglass-injected nylon sole provides rigidity for a perfect road bike. It is compatible with Look Delta and SPD-SL cleats, which are compatible with peloton peddles. They are anti-skid, thus preventing accidents.

The upper material, made of synthetic microfiber leather and mesh, is good for breathability, and also fast drying.

The inner sole comprises of textile lining with removable sock liner, which ensures feet comfort. They have a flexible forefront and running shoe heel, thus giving it a walking feature.

  • A peloton road bike shoe with walking features, thus good for commuting and touring
  • It has an anti-skid feature that helps avoid slip accidents
  • The inner sole has a removable sock liner that provides for warmth during cold seasons while ensuring for easier separate washing even in between cycling activities
  • Smaller sizing, making them unsuitable for larger feet

Why it is recommended

Tiebao cycling shoes are cheaper than many other peloton bike shoes, yet with great performance on peloton bike. They are also a great choice for people with smaller feet, offering a tight enough fit.

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9. Fizik R5 Road Cycling ShoeComfort Shoe for Men

Size available: 37, 37.5, 38, 38.5, 39,39.5, 40, 40.5

These bike shoes have features that allow for all terraces, rough and smooth, thus not only the best shoes for peloton bike but also great shoes for any indoor cycling and road cycling. The shoes are wide, thus catering for wider feet, and also ensuring that your feet are comfortable and not pressed.

The upper part is made of micro text material, with BOA IP1 Velcro straps closure that ensures ease when wearing and also comfort. This is a unique feature that most users have appreciated, due to ease and trendy design.

The outsole is made of carbon-reinforced rubber, thus stiff enough for cycling needs. The outsole has a 3-hole design in the bottom, which allows for 3-hole design cleats. Therefore, Look Delta and SPD-SL cleats, which are used with peloton shoes, will easily fit in.

  • Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe comes with the unique IBOA-IP1 velcro straps closure system
  • It is wide, thus toe comfort that minimizes pressure in addition to accommodating wider feet
  • Perfectly fits peloton peddles, thus suitable for all terraces
  • Its outer sole is carbon-reinforced, thus rigidity that ensures power transfer
  • These shoes do not include cleats, so you have to order cleats separately and be conversant with cleat installation

Why It is Recommended

This road cycling shoe is great for casual cycling activities, commuting and touring. It is a good choice for those with wide feet looking for fitting and comfortable peloton shoes.

10. Shimano SH-RP1 for Men – Cycling Shoes for Peloton Bike

Size available: 5-5.5 woman/ 3.5-4 Men, 10-10.5 Women / 8.5-9 Men, 10.5-11, 11-11.5, 11-11.5 Women/ 9.5-10 Men, 11.5-12

Shimano cycling shoes are always recommended brand shoe, especially for beginners looking for quality assurance. This specific Shimano is in either black or neon yellow colors. It is designed as both an indoor shoe and a road cycling shoe.

It is made of rubber and fiberglass on the outer sole, thus maximum power transfer from the feet to the peddles. This feature ensures that one does not tire easily, thus allowing you to ride faster and for a longer duration. The sole has three holes that are meant for cycling cleats; whose design fits either SPD or SPD-SL peddles. Best shoes for peloton bike require SPD-SL cleats; thus, this shoe is a fit.

The synthetic material of the upper part of the shoe allows for stretches, thus durability assured.

  • Shimano SH-RP1 cycling shoes allow for both indoor and road cycling
  • Its clip-in design is made for both SPD and SPD-SL cleat types, thus can be used for the peloton and other peddle types
  • Ensures maximum power transfer, given that its sole is made of rubber and fiberglass
  • Durability, due to the quality sole and upper shoe
  • Cleats have to be ordered separately, thus additional costs

Why It is Recommended

Shimano SH-RP1 cycling shoes assure the user of quality, in addition to high performance on peloton bike. It will offer the best performance on the bike, given all the features of a prime cycling shoe.

11. Flywheel SportsWomen’s Bike Shoes That Fit Peloton Bike

Size available: Size 40

Flywheel Sports Cycling shoes allow you a thrilling peloton cycling experience. The package even comes with a shoe bag, in which to carry your shoes after a cycling workout. It is unisex, thus men and women can all check for their size.

The upper part of the shoe is made of ortholite and mesh, which is meant to enhance heat and sweat loss from the foot during cycling. It has three Velcro straps that ensure the foot is securely set in the shoe, in addition to allowing foot flexibility.

It has a cushioned footbed as an inner sole, giving you arch support and comfort.

The best part is that these shoes come with Look Delta cleats attached. This saves you money for a separate cleats order, the hustle of looking for installation manuals and installing them in addition to saving you time. You can start your cycling experience once you receive the package.

The shoes are wide; therefore, you do not have to worry about toe comfort and wide feet.

  • Comes with installed Look Delta cleats, which are perfect for peloton cycling and spinning
  • Unisex, thus suitable for both men and women
  • Carbon fiber cleat plate, which increases the rigidity of the sole for preferred power transfer
  • The package provides for a shoe bag, saving you the cost
  • Too wide to fit narrow-footed individuals

Why It is Recommended

If you are the type that does not want to gamble with fitting cleats, then these cycling shoes are a perfect preference. They are also unisex, thus suitable whether you are man or woman.

12. Santic Cycling Shoes – Peloton Compatible Spin Shoes for Narrow Feet & Kids

Size available: 6.5, 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 11

If you want to enjoy peloton while still ensuring that your tight budget is taken into consideration, then Santic Cycling shoes are the way to go. They are peloton compatible spin shoes that will also take you through a nostalgic cycling experience. They are of medium (B, M) F width, and most people have to take ½ a size higher to get the correct fitting. You thus have to check the Amazon chart to ensure that you get the perfect size for you. The good news, however, is that ½ sizes are available, ensuring you get just the right size.

The upper material is made of synthetic PU, making it easier to get rid of heat and sweat while spinning or cycling. The insole, made of TPR lining enhances breathability. The precision buckle, together with the Velcro straps on the shoe ensures that you can fasten it to your liking.

The sole has a 3-cleat system design, which can fit in any cleat system but our interest is in the fact that it can fit both SPD-SL and Look Delta cleats, which are recommended for the peloton.

  • Its inner sole is made of TPR lining, which enhances breathability
  • Have a precision buckle and Velcro straps that enhance the shoe fit
  • Have ½ size measurements, thus offering the perfect shoe size for the users
  • Cheap for a peloton shoe, thus taking care of tight budgets
  • Not wide, thus may press the toes. This also limits people with wide feet

Why It is Recommended

These cycling shoes ensure that you get to enjoy peloton cycling and spinning at a low cost. It is the best low-cost shoe, especially for narrow feet and can fit for kids.

13. Giro Apeckx II Cycling Shoes Most Affordable Peloton Compatible Spin Shoes

Size available: 6.5, 9.5, 10

These cycling shoes come in two colors, black and bright red, and white and black. It is made of Dupont Zytel nylon, thus rigid and tough as required of every commendable cycling shoe. This ensures that the power transfer from the feet to the peddles is ensured, thus the user does not get tired easily. Peloton cleats perfectly clip into the cleat plate molded at the bottom of the shoe, to ensure peloton compatibility.

The molded Eva footbed provides for comfort and arch support while riding.

The upper part of the shoe is welded and bonded to enhance breathability, bringing in a breeze to the feet during the cycling workout.

If you want a pair, it is advisable to take ½ a size larger, since they run ½ a size smaller than the standard size.

  • Giro APeckx II Cycling Shoes have an outer sole made of Zytel nylon to enhance rigidity that increases power transfer
  • It has an Eva designed footbed that enhances comfort and foot support
  • Welded and bonded upper part that ensures breath-ability
  • The sizing of the shoe is not standard; thus, one can easily get a pair that is not fitting

Why It is Recommended

If you have a smaller foot, this shoe is recommended for a perfect fit. It is unisex, thus good for both men and women.

14. TIEM Slipstream – Indoor Cycling Spin Shoe, SPD 2-bolt system

Size available: 5- 11

Note: SPD cleats are a 2-bolt system, these shoes are not compatible with a 3-bolt Delta cleat like Peloton stock pedals.

Your best bet is to just change the pedals so you can ride peloton bike with the TIEM Slipstream shoes.

This is an indoor cycling shoe that you can either use while spinning or stationary cycling. it comes in a variety of colors, such as black, hyper blue, midnight blue, and lunar grey, so you have the option of choosing the color that matches your outfit and preference best.

It is in US women’s sizes, running from size 5 to size 10.5. Though the company recommends that you go half a size lower, most customers have found success with their true sizes.

The textile and mesh composite upper is designed to give your feet breathability, while at the same time enhancing the durability of the shoe. The inner shoe, where the footrests, is made of nylon cycling shaft, which not only ensures the comfort of your feet but also ensures durability.

The sole is made of rubber, with a recessed cleat plate to ensure that you can comfortably walk in the shoes. It uses 2-hole cleats, which should be SPD designed.

It is a slip-on design, with one strap that makes it easy to wear and adjust the shoe in the fastest way possible.

  • The mesh that is incorporated in the top shoe ensures that the shoe allows for breathability, making it easy for your feet to remain cool and breeze.
  • The footrest, which is made of nylon shaft ensures that the shoe lasts longer.
  • It has recessed a cleat system, which, coupled with the rubber sole, allows one to walk in between cycling classes.
  • It is made of a slip-on design, making it easy to wear. The strap ensures that you easily adjust the shoe to hug your foot to the best fit.
  • Its shoe sizes are limited to size 10.5, which is not suitable for larger and wider feet.

Why it is Recommended

This shoe allows for 2-cleat SPD system, and great for riders who want shoes that are specifically made for indoor cycling and spinning like peloton bike while allowing for walking in between sessions.

15. Pearl Izumi – Another Good Studio Cycling Shoe for Women

Size available: 39, 40, 41, 43, 48, 51, 52 M EU

These shoes are in European men sizes, ranging from 39 to 52., with a shaft that measures low-top, making it a great cycling shoe fit. It is made for SPD type of cleats and meant for both indoor and road cycling.

The upper shoe is made of synthetic material, with a synthetic leather collar lining, which warrants durability. The PE sock liner and Silvadur antimicrobial sheet prevent fungi and bacteria from rendering your shoe smelly. In addition, the closed-cell foam padding ensures that sweat during your workouts is taken care of, leaving your feet dry. The ventilation holes ensure that the warmth emanated during highly intense workouts is cooled.

The synthetic sole is hard, and compatible with SPD cleats that perfect shoes for peloton bike, making it a choice cycling shoe.

  • It is made of the synthetic upper material, which has been lined with synthetic leather to clinch its durability.
  • The synthetic sole allows for efficiency in power transfer from the feet to the pedals, hence faster and longer cycles.
  • It has a Silvadur antimicrobial sheet, which prevents microorganisms from having a habitat in your shoes. This prevents odor caused by these bacteria and fungi.
  • It contains a closed-cell foam padding that prevents sweat build-up, leaving your feet dry throughout the workout.
  • The shoe does not allow for walking, due to the protruding cleats and hard sole.

Why it is Recommended

If you are looking for a cycling shoe that will never disappoint you with odor and sweat regardless of the intense spinning and cycling workouts, then Pearl Izumi should be a great choice. This shoe will also ensure versatility in your workouts, given that you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Guide to Choose the Best Peloton Bike Shoes Easily


The first thing you should know is that all peloton shoes are compatible with only Look Delta and SPD-SL cleats, and must have three holes to screw in the cleats into. Remember there are several other options of cleats in the market, but if you want peloton shoes to ensure they are compatible with these cleats.

If you are not sure, since in some shoe descriptions they leave out this crucial detail, you can always reach out. Amazon provides a platform for questions under each product, plus you can reach out for customer service to get a faster response.


Quality is paramount when looking for any peloton bike shoes, and more especially if you are to wear the shoes to strenuous spinning and biking workouts. You can do this by checking the material used to make the shoe. Since some materials appear great on description, it is advisable to always check the peloton shoe reviews from the customers to get the reality from real-time users.

Always look into several reviews, because one bad review does not disqualify the shoe- it could be a one-time error. Quality assurance is further strengthened by warranty availability. A company that offers a certain duration of the warranty on their products ascertains their customers that the product is bound to outlive that duration.

The type and range of activities

The type and range of activities you want to engage in with the shoes is an important factor when searching for peloton shoes. Do you want peloton compatible spin shoes that are purely for spinning? Are you looking for best cycling shoes specifically for the road, mountain biking or purely for indoor cycling? Or do you want a shoe that incorporates all peloton activities? If you only spin, then to get the maximum output out of your workout you should go for peloton spin shoes. If you only cycle on Peloton bike, then you should go for peloton cycling shoes.

And if you are involved in all these activities, then there is a wide range that is suitable for all peloton activities. There are also those of us looking for shoes that will be used for the peloton and at the same time comfortable for walking, especially if you are using your peloton bike for touring and commuting. You will need a rigid sole shoe to ensure comfort while riding, while the rigidity should be a bit compromised so that you do not hurt your feet when walking.

Men or women?

Is the shoe unisex, for men or women? Is the question you should ask yourself as you scrutinize a pair of peloton bike shoes. Peloton bike and spin shoes are either meant for both men and women, that is, unisex, or meant for either men or women. Unisex shoes are made in a standard size that caters to the needs of anyone. Men’s shoes are larger and wider, given that men have wider ankles and larger feet compared to women. The smallest size in the market excludes a good number of women, who tend to have smaller feet and narrower ankles.

Furthermore, sex-specific shoes tend to have a design favoring that sex. For instance, women’s shoes are more feminine, in terms of colors and general shoe design.

Peloton shoe sizing

Peloton cycling and spinning shoes have a variation in design, which tends to fit the range of shoe needs available as far as sizing is concerned. Cycling shoes should be perfectly fitting, so this consideration should be a priority. For instance, you may be a woman, but your feet and ankles are wider than most women’s cycling shoes. You can opt to ask whether the brand provides for larger sizes that are not indicated or go for a men-designed fit. There are also men’s shoes that are narrower than some feet, thus not suitable for all men.

If your perfect fit is not available, then go for options that will suit your feet. You will surely get a wide variety of the same. People with very small and narrow feet should be most careful when looking for peloton shoes. They should consider small fittings available to ensure that their feet are secure and comfortable in the shoe they will choose.


If you have a tight budget for the peloton shoes, then you should look for a pair that best fits into your desired cost amount. The list above provides for several of such, which will offer you the best performance on peloton while taking care of your pockets.

Shoe Features

Shoe Features are key when spotting a peloton shoe. Most of them today provide for breathability, with mesh material incorporated in the upper shoe. However, you should not assume that all shoes provide this- check in the features to be sure. The closure systems are different, ranging from laces, buckles, straps and even slip-in fits. If you like laces but are disgusted by lace knots, then take an option that has a knot cover or a buckle that hides the knot.

If laces are a lot of work for you, then Velcro straps should be your choice. In short, you should ensure that you get the easiest shoe to wear and still find comfort or even style in the shoe. The shoe sole should be rigid to enhance power transfer to the peddles.

However, if you want to walk in your shoes during the workout, then you should go for less stiff pairs. Some shoes offer a heel lining to protect your heels. The heel lining can also be anti-slip, decreasing the chances of injury. If this is a plus for your take on best peloton compatible shoes, then ensure you get it. Heel covers may also come in a reflective color, which allows for visibility in darker areas.

Shoe accessories

Some shoes will come with cleats already installed, saving you time, money and installation. You should put this into consideration, especially if you are a beginner in clip-in shoes. A shoe bag can also be included in the package, and anything that saves you extra costs should increase the points for the pair.

Delivery support

Enquire from Amazon if the shoe brand you have chosen provides delivery support. For instance, if the shoes come with cleats installed, the delivery person should be able to tighten the screws if they are loose and ensure that the shoe is in perfect condition before leaving. They should also be in a position to answer all questions regarding the package that you may have. If this is not the case, the customer service should offer quick responses on any concern you may have regarding the shoes.

There are even instances when customer service guides you through the required cleat type and the best for that specific shoe, and also through the installation process. An email on the same is also an alternative customer care support.

Can You Ride Peloton with Sneakers?

Yes, you can. You only need to customize the clipless pedals into clipped pedals. With toe clips or toe cages, any non-cycling shoe, including a sneaker, can ride on the bike.

Can You Ride Peloton without Shoes?

Absolutely not! Riding peloton without shoes will put your feet to a hazard, as you can hurt yourself. Besides, riding without shoes will lead you into an overly careful ride, which negatively affects your performance. You might not even have the peloton experience you want at all.

Do Other Bike Shoes Work with Peloton?

This question is relative, so that we will answer it as such. If the bike in question uses shoes with three-hole cleats, then this will work on the peloton bike. And not just that, because Look Keo shoes will not, despite being three-hole. The cleat design has to be Look Delta or in SPD-SL design, or merely universal.

However, Look Keo and two-hole cleat shoes such as SPD are not compatible with the peloton bike pedals. Therefore, you cannot ride a peloton in them.

How Often to Replace Peloton Riding Shoes?

If you get quality peloton riding shoes, then they can last you for three years and even more. This stems from the fact that you cannot walk in peloton shoes. They have a stiff bottom that is slippery, while the cleat plate is protruding.

If you are only in the shoes when on your bike, this means that the shoes will have a longer lifespan. Only ensure that the shoes are of quality material so that the buckle does not go flying within months of usage.

Another determinant of how often you replace the riding shoes is comfort. If you look for shoes you are most comfortable in; you don’t have to replace them until they wear out. On the other hand, uncomfortable shoes that won’t even fit well will have to be replaced sooner.

How Do Peloton Shoes Fit?

Peloton brand shoes are supposed to be true to size, and some people agree with this. However, the fact that only people with narrow feet and feet that tend towards narrow appreciate that they are true to size show that they are small.

The majority of the riders find comfort in a larger size than their regular sizing, another reason to believe that the shoes run small.

The shoe width is standard to the narrow end, so you should try out other brands if you have wider feet. As said before, comfort is a primary determinant of the durability of shoes. Since peloton allows for other shoe brand compatibility, then grab the opportunity to consider your convenience.

The bottom line, though, is that the peloton brand shoes fit people differently. Some agree that their standard fitting was not compromised, others have to take a size higher, yet for others, the feet will not even go in. determine the size of your fee, both the length and the width, before purchasing the shoes. 

That being said, peloton shoes does not necessarily mean the peloton brand shoes. So, if we are talking about other brands, the fitting could be different depending on the brand. Some brands, such as Sidi, have the shoes running very wide and large. On the contrary, some others, such as Tommaso, still follow smaller shoes’ peloton brand style.

Therefore, we cannot conclude whether peloton shoes are true to size, smaller or larger. 

How to Assemble Peloton Shoes

Peloton shoes come in the same package as the cleats, but they are not assembled, at least for the peloton brand shoes. The package also contains 3 screws and 3 washers that will help you with the assembly.

So, here is a simplified guide for the peloton shoe assembly:

Step 1: Unbox the Shoes

First off, get the shoes and its components from the box. Then, check that the shoes are in good order, both internally and externally. Now you can remove the tag that comes with the shoes.

Open the small package containing the cleats, and check that they are also in good order. Also, ensure that each shoe will have three washers and three screws for the installation process.

Step 2: Mount the Cleats

As you will see, the bottom of the shoes has lines at the side of the area where the cleat plate lies. These lines will guide the cleat installation for precision.

Take one cleat and one shoe and match the cleat to the shoe cleat plate. Then, put the washers on each of the three-hole fittings, followed by the screws. Using your hands, tighten the screws in place just to secure them in position. Then, using an Allen wrench, tighten the screws, each a little bit at a time for uniformity.

Ensure that by the time you are through with the shoe, the cleats cannot move at all. If you leave the cleat loose, you will have a hard time clipping out the pedals.

Once you are done with one shoe, go on to the next, and follow the same mounting process as with the first shoe.

How to Unbuckle Peloton Shoes

Wondering how you can unbuckle the peloton shoes after use? It is so simple that it will not take three seconds of your time.

Here is a very simple guide that i found to work without taking your time or energy:

Step 1: Identify the Buckle Button

So, sit down for a balance since the peloton shoes are slippery and could cause a slip. Locate the button at the side of the shoe, which locks the shoe buckle in place.

Step 2: Snap the Buckle Open

Press on the button, and this move will automatically see the buckle loosen. If you wanted to adjust the buckle, you will adjust it and put it back in place.

However, as in our case, press the button and when the buckle is loose, pull out.

It is as simple as two steps!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do any cycling shoes work with peloton?

No, cycling shoes that work with peloton are all 3-hole design, and they are only compatible with Look Delta or SPD-SL cleat systems. This is the most crucial part to check for a peloton cycling shoe.

Do you need cycling shoes for peloton?

Yes, peloton bike peddles are clipless, which makes it almost impossible, and even risky to use non-cycling shoes for cycling on peloton bike. The clipless peddles have to match with clip-in shoes to perform well, which are all cycling shoes

Can you walk in peloton shoes with cleats on?

No, cleats make it difficult to walk in cycling shoes. Even for the shoes that allow for walking, you either remove the cleats or ensure that you are extra cautious. It is also important to ensure that the cleats do not get mud and dirt.

Are peloton bike shoes good?

Yes, it is specially manufactured for peloton bike. For the very beginner, Peloton shoes and delta cleats are fine to start up. Generally peloton shoes and cleats are sold separately, so if you buy shoes at your bike shop or wherever online, don’t forget to buy a set of delta cleats along with shoe.

Can you use regular spin shoes with peloton?

Any regular cycling shoes can work with the Peloton bike if the proper pedals installed. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re a regular and a serious biker; it’s being suggested to use get specialized shoe for your safety and comfort.

Does peloton cycling shoes also called look delta shoes or look delta cycling shoes?

Yes, Because peloton cycling shoes required look delta cleats.

Final word

These peloton bike shoes review give you an insight into peloton cycling and spinning, offering a wide range of the best shoes for peloton bike in the market. This said, you should not compromise your preference for less than what you want, since the options favor different tastes and preference, and yours must have been covered, if not fully, I am sure you are almost done with your research.

You can now rock in your peloton workouts and sports full force, with confidence that all your interests and considerations in place, you have the perfect peloton shoes on your feet. If you are unsure of the various activities you can carry out with your Peloton bike, then sign in to peloton workout class and workouts on youtube, and be guided through a full range of workouts that your Peloton bike and shoes are worth. If you were looking forward to muscle building or weight loss, your dream is around the corner.

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