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22 Best Peloton bike Accessories For the Regular Peloton Rider!

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Already have a Peloton? or Going to order a peloton bike soon? And thinking, which accessories are really important to order with peloton and which aren’t. If you ask, I’d say that I didn’t like much peloton brand accessories. Although they give $100 discount on accessories but it won’t cover much as those are too pricey. Moreover, I have a different taste.

So, Who doesn’t like quality accessories on budget? Sure you do. As a peloton lover I figured out some cool and must have accessories in 2020 you also may like.

This article is meant to give you a deeper insight into the variety of the best peloton accessories you will require for peloton cycling, to mention but the basics, starting with the most essential.

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What Accessories Do I Need for Peloton?

The list of accessories that a user may require for peloton are infinite, but the basic ones are more necessities, and we will cover the top 22. They range from the major three, that is, shoes, Padded Shorts, and cleats or toe cages, to those that will ensure that your riding is more enjoyable and worth looking forward to.

Moreover, this article will give you one example of the best of each accessory in the market. These will act as stepping stones especially if you are fairly new while giving more insights to those already in the cycling workout.

22 Best Peloton Bike Accessories for the Mavericks

By scrolling down you’ll find detailed reviews of some of the best must have accessories for Peloton bike. So let’s dig in…

1. Cycling Bra (Adidas Women’s Techfit Sportsbra)

A good sports bra to ensure your breasts are protected and comfortable will make your peloton cycling worth looking forward to. It comes in two colors, blue and green. These sports bras are made of a blend of 70% polyester, recycled 19% polyester 11% spandex, woven together in the best proportions for moisture-wicking.

The inner side is soft to enhance comfort and prevent friction, and this is enhanced by padded non-slip straps that are wide.

 The reflective Adidas logo at the front ensures visibility, thus guaranteeing the rider safety. The backside is open to enhance breathability.

Why It Is Needed

  • It has a soft inner side that prevents friction during rides
  • The inner lining is made in a mesh wove, which allows air
  • The reflective logo at the front guarantee the rider safety
  • The material is moisture-wicking, thus sweat does not build up in your body

2. Riding Shirt (Spotti Men’s Basic Short-Sleeved Cycling jersey)

 Peloton Riding Shirt

Spotti cycling jerseys are in 7 different colors, most of which are bright. All of them have a reflective logo that ensures visibility and thus safety.

It is made of 100% polyester, which makes them durable and with optimal air wicking qualities. Quality is further guaranteed by a 90-day warranty.

 It has a front zipper that not only allows for adjustment and breathability but also makes it easy to put on and take off. It fits into the arms and trunk perfectly and provides sizes from small to XXXL. It has 3 rear pockets that give you the opportunity to carry your essentials to your peloton ride.

Why It Is Needed

  • It is made of polyester, that allows it to absorb sweat and keep the user dry
  • The front zipper allows for adjustment and ease in wearing
  • The 3 rear pockets are used to carry essentials such as phone and a small repair kit
  • The reflective colors and logo give the user visibility

3. Padded shorts for peloton

Padded shorts ensure that the strenuous nature of peloton does not leave your butt hurting and with blisters. The padding has a multi-cooling hole that allows for breathability.

Sponeed Men’s Cycle Shorts

 Peloton Padded Shorts

Made of polyester and Spandex Lycra/UPF, Sponeed Cycle shorts allow maximum air circulation while absorbing sweat and leaving the rider feeling refreshed all through the ride.

They are made of a 4D silicone gel pad that ensures you are comfortable while sitting on your Peloton bike saddle. It ensures you neither get injuries nor tire form sitting, thus able to spin and cycle longer.

It has an elastic closure and non-slip waistband, that ensures that it fits well and does not slip off while offering the soft material comfort that ensures your waist does not hurt from friction and tightness.

Eco-daily Cycling Shorts for Women

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Why It Is Needed

  • Padded shorts ensure that the strenuous nature of peloton does not leave your butt hurting and with blisters. The padding has a multi-cooling hole that allows for breathability.
  • The elastic waist mand allows the short to hug your waist perfectly without the risk of sliding off.
  • The overall material and seaming of the short easily absorb sweat and dries, leaving the rider feeling refreshed despite the high intense cycling he may be on.

4. Peloton Seat Cover (Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover)

peloton seat cover

This seat cover is made in a standard size, 7 by 11 inches, which allows all peloton bike saddles to fit in. It has an adjustment rope that is fastened to fit into a variety of seat bikes.

It allows long rides and quicker spinning since it ensures that you are comfortable while sitting on your bike saddle, given that it is made with more padding for improved comfort.

The seat cover package comes with a seat cover dust and waterproof cover, which increases the durability of the seat cover.

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Why It Is Needed

  • It ensures comfort on the peloton bike, preventing injury and increasing the duration of spin and cycle
  • It fits into your Peloton bike saddle if it is a standard size one
  • It has a bonus of a dustproof and water-resistant cover, which ensures that the seat cover is protected thus lasting longer
  • The adjustable rope should allow you to fit it on the saddle perfectly, without allowing for slips

5. Bike shoes for peloton (Tommaso Pista)

cycling shoe

These shoes are made of the Look Delta cleat design and actually come with the cleats in the package, which ensure that two of your most paramount peloton needs are taken care of.  The shoes are made for spinning, indoor and outdoor cycling activities.

The sole is made of fiberglass and polyamide, giving the shoe the stiffness required especially on the road, since it enhances power transfer.

 The closure system is of Velcro straps, which ensure that the foot is securely set in the shoe. The Velcro straps also allow for adjustment during the workouts. The heel has a strip that is reflective, thus visibility.

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Why It Is Needed

  • A peloton user will need cycling shoes since the pedal is clipless. Cleats are fitted into the shoes, and therefore these shoes having a cleat plate designed in peloton cleats system necessary for peloton cycling and spinning
  • The shoes having a stiff sole ensures that power transfer is guaranteed from the feet to the pedals.
  • Velcro straps enhance foot security
  • A shoe with a reflective heel strip ensures that the cyclist is safe in the dark and in foggy seasons, thus enhancing security.
  • If you are looking to spin and cycle with the peloton, then a versatile shoe for all these activities is necessary.

6. Socks for Peloton (Thirty 48 Cycling Socks)

 Cycling Socks

These socks are made specifically for cycling, and each package has 3 pairs. They are made of polyproline and nylon, a blend that ensures they serve the user longer. This material has catalystAF infused, which ensures breathability by bringing about cool air into the socks.

The socks provide the user with arch support, with its elastic arch material at the arch of the foot. The heels, tarsal and toes are protected from adverse pressure problems such as blisters by an extra pad on each of these crucial areas.

These socks are not only suitable for peloton cycling, but also spinning.

Why It Is Needed

  • Cycling socks ensure that your feet are comfortable since they are softer in comparison to shoes
  • They prevent pressure from the shoes from affecting the feet, acting as a foot cushion
  • They allow air into the feet, preventing heat from building up
  • They absorb sweat from the feet during spinning and cycling, leaving your feet dry
  • They enhance arch support to the feet
  • The extra padding on the tarsals, toes, and heels prevent these parts from hot spots by reducing friction and thereby preventing injury.

7. Peloton shoes’ cleats (BV Bike Cleats)


BV bike cleats are compatible with the Look Delta system, thus peloton compatible. Their cycling-friendly features make them among the top cleats in the market.

These cleats are easy to install onto the shoes. They also allow you to engage and disengage them while wearing the shoe or while out of the foot. This makes them suitable to adjust even in the middle of a workout.

They provide a float of 9 degrees, giving you lateral movement and reducing the occurrence of a knee joint. They are wide, low-profile and 3-hole cleats to bring forth stability of the feet.

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Why It is Needed

  • Cleats that are compatible with peloton are necessary so that they clip into the pedal, to give the feet stability on a clipless pedal
  • They ensure that the feet remain in position all through the workout.
  • Wide low-profile cleats improve the stability of the feet
  • They provide afloat, which represents the amount of rotation on the pedal to prevent joint pains.
  • Cleats that can be engaged and disengaged while the shoe is on the foot allow for these options during the workout.
  • Lightweight cleats ensure the fast and long duration of cycling and spinning workouts.

8. Shoes cleats Covers (Kool Kovers Shoe Cleat cover Set)

 Peloton Cleat Covers

Cleat covers are meant to protect cleats from dirt and mud, in addition to allowing the user to walk in clipped in cycling shoes. These cleat covers are made of rubber, which makes them durable. They can fit into several cleat designs, SPD-SL and Look delta included, thus suitable for peloton cycling. They are mostly used by road users, given that they may opt to get off the bike to carry out some chores or merely tour around.

They are anti-slip and anti-skid, thus making them comfortable when walking in between cycling activities.

They are easy to install and pull out, thus convenient.

Why It Is Needed

  • Cleat covers protect cleats for dirt and mud, ensuring that they last longer
  • They allow the cyclist to walk in cycling shoes without fear of sliding or falling since they are made of elastic rubber. The anti-slip design also prevents slip accidents
  • They fit in SPD-SL and Look Delta cleats, thus suitable for peloton pedals

9. Water Bottle (Pro Bike Tool Insulated Water Bottle)

 Water Bottle

Most Peloton workouts are strenuous, and you will need to rehydrate every once in a while. This is why you need a reusable water bottle, and Pro Bike Tool offers one with the best features of a cycling water bottle.

It is made of a double-wall, in between where there is a foam liner, which acts as an insulation. This insulation makes water colder, thus best for cooling down the gut during cycling and spinning.

It has a valve from where you easily take large gulps of water at a go. The soft silicone mouthpiece ensures comfort and hurt-free water drinking.

The carry loop attachment, which is meant to ease your work removing the bottle from the straps or bag and putting it back, makes it efficient to use during a workout.

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Why It Is Needed

  • This bottle is light in weight, making it easy to use during a workout
  • The carry loop attachment makes it convenient to get it from and put it back into its bag or strap
  • The double-wall insulation ensures the water remains cold longer
  • It is made of a High Elastic Technology design, which makes squeezing water into your mouth easier, enhanced by the fast gulp valve
  • The soft silicone provides for safety when drinking water
  • It fits into all water bottle straps and bags of standard length and width.

10. Towel for peloton bike (Sinland Microfiber Gym Towels)

Towels are the best peloton accessories given that most workouts are high-intensity. Sinland towels are made of polyester and polyamide microfiber, making them fast in water absorption. Each package contains three towels, each 16 by 32 inches. Though small, the incredible water absorption gives you the option of using one of the towels after showering after the workout.

They are light, making them quick-drying, thus giving you optimal service in a whole session. The lightweight also makes it easy to fold and fit in your workout bag.

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Why It Is needed

  • They are light, making them quick-drying and also easy to have on your shoulders all through the workout
  • The polyamide and polyester have been blended to give optimal water absorption
  • The small size makes it easy to carry to the workout training
  • They can be used both during the workout and after a shower, thus versatile

11. Mat for Peloton (Supermarts Heavy Duty Equipment Mat)

bike mat

If you intend to use your peloton bike for indoor cycling and spinning, then a peloton mat is necessary. A mat prevents your floor and room carpet from being damaged by the peloton equipment while ensuring that the equipment is not damaged by being on a bare floor.

Supermarts bike mat is made of PVC material, which is odorless. It is non-slip, which makes your peloton bike safe during your rides.

The material and design of the mat prevent noise and vibration from leaving the room, so you can be as vigorous and as intense as you wish without the fear of disturbing others.

You can easily clean it, as you only need a moist rag.

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Why It Is Needed

  • It prevents floor and carpet damage by the bike and its equipment during cycling, in addition to avoiding the hustle of cleaning the floor after the workout.
  • It prevents the floor from causing damage to the peloton equipment
  • It curbs noise and vibration that emanates from the spinning and cycling workouts
  • It is easy to clean, as the user only needs to use a wet cloth
  • It prevents sliding accidents since it is specifically made for workouts thus good grip.

12. Heart rate monitor (Polar H10 )

heart rate monitor

While spinning or cycling on the peloton, you will need a heart rate monitor, and Polar H10 gives you the most accurate measurements.

It is convenient since it is compatible with most sports watches and apps, such as Garmin, Apple, Strava and Nike. It can connect to two Bluetooth gadgets or Bluetooth and ANT+ connections at the same time.

It comes with a memory card whose space is large enough to record a whole workout session, and it is compatible with some iPhone and Android phones.

Polar H10 is made of waterproof material, making it ideal to use even in wet and rainy seasons.

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Why It Is Needed

  • Helps in monitoring heart rate changes during a workout accurately
  • It has the ability to connect to more than one connection, thus can be used with either Two Bluetooth connections or a Bluetooth and an ANT+ connections
  • It is waterproof, thus suitable for use in rainy and wet weather conditions
  • It is compatible with most phones, sports, and cardio apps

13. Bluetooth headphones for peloton (Hussar Magicbuds Bluetooth Headphones)

 Bluetooth Headphones

These waterproof headphones not only prevent water from damaging your headphones but also ensure that sweat drops do not affect its functionality.

They offer a cool blend of bass and HD sound, giving you the best cycling motivation. The V5.0 technology of the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to listen to your peloton class tutor from a gadget that is 33 feet away.

These headphones can last up to 9 hours, giving you optimal duration for use during your workout. They are made of a CVC technology that reduces background noise, ensuring that your concentration is at its best.

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Why It Is Needed

  • It provides the music sound that triggers your motivation during cycles
  • The Bluetooth connectivity, which runs for up to 33 feet, allows you to connect to any Bluetooth gadget
  • It comes with a lithium polymer battery, which is replaceable, and ensures the headphones serve you for nine hours before recharging.
  • The APTX sound technology brings in the best soundtracks for any workout.
  • The CVC technology ensures that you are not distracted by background noise

14. Speaker for peloton (Titbit Xsound GO Bluetooth Speaker)


You need a clear sound speaker for your peloton workout classes, and this Titbit model does not disappoint. It is waterproof and dustproof, giving you service in all weather conditions.

Its compact design gives it a small appearance that enables the user to carry it whenever they are riding, with the strong strap making it easy to put on the bike handles.

Its 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity gives you a wide range of connection options; phone, TV, computer and sports apps. It can connect for up to 66 feet away, so you can have it with you while the connection is further away.

The material used for its exterior coating is hard enough to allow for accidental falls and drops, thus guaranteed durability.

Why It Is Needed

  • It is essential to ensure your peloton class tutor is clear without struggling to listen.
  • Well balanced music from this system enhances your morale, thus longer cycling workouts
  • The Bluetooth connectivity gives you a variety of options to connect the speaker with. You can thus listen to a book, music, lessons, and programs while on your peloton
  • You can enjoy music in the rain, given the waterproof aspect of the speaker, while dust does not deter you during summer, as it is also dust resistant
  • Good for a whole day outdoor cycling, given that the battery can last 24 hours.

15. Fan for peloton (AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan)


This 16-inch long fan has an adjustable height and a vertical angle to suit your taste. You can either use it as a stand fan or place it on a table or stand.

It has 2-speed options, so you can adjust in accordance with the intensity of your indoor peloton activity.

The oscillation option ensures that the breeze is spread in the whole room. The remote control gives you the luxury of operating the fan as you spin or cycle.

Why It Is Needed

  • It allows airflow and a cold breeze needed during peloton workouts, which will ensure you do not slow down from breath loss and extreme warmth
  • It has 3-speed options, so you can always adjust depending on your airflow preference
  • The oscillation ensures that air flows in the whole room, making it more comfortable for the workouts

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16. Headband (Under armor Performance headbands)

Under Armor headbands for men are suitable for highly intense activities that render you sweaty, such as peloton cycling and spinning, making it the ideal headband for sweat absorption.

It is soft and therefore skin-friendly, and will not cause injuries and friction discomfort. It can also act as a helmet padding for your outdoor cycling, making the helmet more comfortable.

It is woven in a design that allows for more ventilation, thus not uncomfortable even after long workout hours.

Why It Is Needed

  • It absorbs sweat from the forehead and prevents the discomfort of having it on your face
  • It prevents the discomfort of wearing a bare helmet during road cycling exercises
  • It is soft and skin-friendly, making it comfortable to wear even over long workout durations.

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17. Toe Cages/ Clips (Clip-in Pedal Adapter)

Toe clips allow the user to ride on clipless pedals without the necessity of having cycling straps or cleats. They are installed on the pedals and the front part of the shoes fit into them. Delta Cycle Bike Toe cages/clips come in a variety of sizes, each size accommodating a certain range of shoe sizes.

They are made of nylon, which ensures that they do not break and last long. They are easy to install and can be used for commuting, and cycling exercises. They are unisex and of standard sizes, thus both men and women can use them.

Why It Is Needed

  • Toe cages ensure that the foot remains in position during cycling
  • They are a good alternative to cleats and straps when you do not want to be locked into the pedal. You can easily put and get your foot off the pedal as you wish, thus good for commuting and touring.
  • They allow you to continue with your peloton workouts even when your cleats wear out before your new order is due.
  • Being made of nylon ensures that your toe cages last longer.

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18. Repair Kit (Wotow 16-In-1 Repair Kit)

This multifunctional mechanical kit contains most of the items you may need in case you have a bike breakdown, at least before you see a mechanic.

It contains:

  • Allen wrench of six sizes, from 2mm to 6mm
  • Socket wrench, of sizes 8, 9 and 10mm
  • Slot type screwdriver
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Socket extension rod
  • A flat wrench of sizes 8, 10 and 15mm
  • Inner hexagon spanner in sizes 2 to 6mm
  • Tire pry bars
  • An Allen wrench of 4mm used to open the tool kit

Why It Is Needed

  • It ensures that any bike breakdown, especially on the road, does not catch the user off guard
  • It has a wide variety of tools, and those that are of different sizes depending on the bike come in all the standard sizes to ensure that your specific needs are met
  • It comes with its own fastening and loosening wrench, thus easy for the biker to access.

19. Pedal for peloton (Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL)

Pedals are an important part of peloton cycling and spinning. If you are looking for one that will offer you the best performance, well, Shimano Ultegra R8000 will not disappoint you.

Made for SPD-SL bike systems, this is a suitable pedal for the peloton. It is light in weight, with the pair weighing 248 grams. It has a wide shoe platform that not only ensures optimal power transfer from the feet to the pedals but also brings about load weight distribution, bringing instability.

It is made of stainless integrated material to prevent permanent staining and thus enhance durability.

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Why It is needed.

  • Clipless pedals are necessary for a complete biking experience, being a major accessory. You need pedals that will fit into the peloton design, either SPD-SL or Look Delta, to ensure that the shoe cleats clip in perfectly into the pedals.
  • You need pedals for the bike to be complete so that it can be ready for riding
  • Lightweight pedals like Shimano Ultegra R8000 ensure that the rider can cycle longer and faster.
  • The pedals allow power transfer from the feet to them, thus offering a better cycling workout.

20. Leggings for Women (Iuga High Waist Pants)

The synthetic high-waist pants are 0.7 inches high and 14 inches wide, though the size varies. Taking into consideration all women sizes, these pants range from sizes XS to XXXL.

The wide and high waistline ensures that you are comfortable while riding, in addition to helping you trim your tummy. It is made of a 4-way stretch material, which will compress your body while still providing the required support.

The Gusset crotch design allows you free movement without the worry of injury or friction, enhanced by the interlock seams. It is also thick to ensure that you are comfortable even to walk with while cushioning your thighs more from contact with the bike.

It has a hidden pocket that is large enough to fit in your phone and other necessities needed during your ride.

Why It is Needed

  • It cushions your inner thighs from friction during riding.
  • The high waist design helps in your tummy-shaping goals.
  • The inner pocket allows you to carry essentials into your peloton class.

21. Spintray for laptops (Spintray for Peloton)

If you want to incorporate work, a movie, or a chat in your workout, then Spintray for Laptops has you in mind. You can place your laptop, phone, tablet, or iPad on it for use while on your biking exercise. Whenever you feel like slowing, you can quickly check your emails or carry out a fast task.

Being made of plexiglass, the spin tray adds a cute and decent accessory to your peloton.

The package further comes with a neoprene rubber ledge insert and a spin tray gel pad as your gifts.

Why It is Needed

  • It allows you to work while still riding, preventing the stress of having to go back and forth.
  • It brings you extra accessories, that is, a neoprene rubber ledge and a spin tray gel pad.
  • It was made with peloton workouts in mind, hence completely fit in your peloton exercise.

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22. Clipped Portable Fan (Snawowo Mini Handheld Personal Portable Fan)

The small portable fan brings you a choice of three colors, light blue, dark blue, and pink. It is made of flexible but quality metal and silicone to bring you a blend of versatility in function and durability, not to mention water resistance. It is 11 by 4.3 by 3.2 inches in dimension, thus small enough to carry around.

It has a 2600mAh Li-ion battery, which you can recharge. It provides for USB charging, and you can even use your laptop or car battery to charge when not near a power socket.

When fully charged, it can take you for 2-8hours, depending on the speed you choose. Nevertheless, even the minimum limit will take you through a whole peloton workout session and more.

It has three speeds, that is, low, medium, and high.

Why It is Needed

  • It has a rechargeable battery, which can serve you for a whole peloton workout.
  • It provides for three speeds of airflow and during the intense workout you can choose high for the perfect breeze to optimize your performance.
  • It is durable, and the metal and silicone surface easy to clean.
  • You can charge the battery from anywhere, given the presence of a USB interface.

Which Things You Should Consider to Choosing Best Accessories for Peloton Bike

When looking for the best accessories for peloton that will work for you, you have to make several considerations such as the type of peloton activity you are to engage in, whether you are man or woman, and even the accessories that you deem most necessary.

If you are an outdoor peloton cyclist, you may consider the biking mirror more important while an indoor cyclist will prefer a bike mat. Different genders will use different cycling outfits, given that their needs and sizes differ. For instance, there are shoes, shirts, and shorts for either men or women, while sports bras are only used by women.

Some people prefer Bluetooth headphones to speakers and vice versa, while others feel that they need both.

The best peloton accessories are the ones that offer specific users’ individual satisfaction.

Budget Plan

When planning for peloton accessories, it is advisable to prioritize them form the most necessary accessories such as shoes, pedals, and cleats. This is to ensure that you do not run out of funds but still cannot start your peloton workout due to poor planning.

You should also go through several items before making your choice, to ensure that you take accessories that are worth their value.

Do you actually need that accessory that you want to purchase? If the answer is no, then you should put it at bay. You should only take ostentatious accessories after you have bought all the necessities and you still have some money in your peloton budget account. For instance, you can do without a speaker and opt for headphones to ensure you are still operating in your budget so that you afford a cycling mat for indoor activities.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I watch TV on peloton?

Yes, you can. Peloton indoor cycling and spinning is stationary, so you can do a load other activity, while still on the workout. you can watch tv, work on your laptop and even read on your phone without affecting your workout. As long as you are clipped in your pedals, then you do not run the risk of slipping off.

Are peloton accessories worth it?

Yes, they are. You actually need some of these accessories and cannot be on peloton without them, such as cycling shoes, pedals, and cleats. The other accessories make peloton worth looking forward to and also ensure that you enjoy and can even prolong your peloton exercises. For example, a seat cover and padded shorts or leggings save you from blisters and injuries after a long workout; a speaker or Bluetooth headphones motivate you to ride faster and longer and even listen to your peloton tutor without struggling.

By the end of the workout, you realize that the more your accessories, the more you enjoy the exercise.

How do I save my flooring from peloton?

You should use a mat to save your flooring from peloton equipment. This prevents the floor from getting damaged or permanent scratches. Direct contact may also damage the floor through vibrations from the workout, which the carpet prevents.

The mat will also protect your peloton equipment from the floor or carpet, which may be dusty and damaging to the equipment especially during use.

With a peloton mat, you will be saved not only from the floor damage but also from intense washing. Peloton mats are however easy to clean since they are specifically made for biking and workout equipment.

Can I wear sneakers on peloton bike?

No, you can’t. You need cycling shoes to ride on clipless pedals, which peloton bikes use. The cycling shoes further have to have cleats, which are used to clip into the pedals for a peloton workout to start. If you are not using cleats, then you need toe cages, which you install on the pedals and slide the front part of your shoes into. This ensures that your feet are secure while cycling on the peloton. Toe cages do not lock your shoes to the pedals, thus freedom to get on and off. However, cleats are advised for highly intense peloton training.

Final word

Peloton accessories are meant to make your peloton exercises better. Use the best peloton accessories to ensure that you get the best out of the peloton. They ensure that you are able to spin faster and cycle longer since they ensure that you are comfortable and free from all the challenges that come with cycling and spinning.

Whatever your goal for peloton is, it can be realized than you had anticipated when you have most of the items you feel will make your exercise worth more time. Why not try out several of the above accessories to prove this?

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