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10 Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton: Easy Sync with ANT+ and Bluetooth

heart rate monitor for peloton

For measuring your workout or track exercise, you need a Heart Rate Monitor. Basically, you should have a heart rate monitoring device to track your fitness daily. According to experts; after a certain age, a good heart rate monitor for the peloton is a must-have thing for your healthy lifestyle. So, if you looking to get a heart rate monitoring device or replace the old ones; Firstly, I suggest you to know about the best devices on the market. Today, we’ll see the best and latest fitness tracker for monitoring your heart rate. After this 3 minutes read, you will know which fitness tracker or the HRM is the best for you and your Peloton Bike.

10 Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton Bike and Tread

Here is the quick list of the Best heart rate monitor for Peloton cycling and tread you can see following the brief description of every product —

  1. Scosche Rhythm+ – Perfect heart rate monitor peloton (Editor Choice)
  2. Garmin Premium – On Budget Peloton Heart Rate Monitor
  3. Garmin Heart – Low Budget HRM for peloton bike
  4. CAT EYE – Compatible Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton
  5. Wahoo TICKR X – Good HRM except battery life
  6. Wahoo TICKR FIT – Best Peloton Compatible Heart Rate Monitor
  7. Polar H10 (NEW) – Best Value Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton
  8. Fitbit Alta HR – Stylish and most popular HRM for peloton
  9. iGPSPORT HR60 – Good HRM in budget
  10. CooSpo Optical Armband – Cheapest but great HRM for peloton bike

Let’s find the information about best heart rate monitor for peloton bike along with features, technology, compatibility and the mechanism. This will help you to choose the right one. So, let’s dig in —

1. Scosche Rhythm+ Heart rate monitor peloton

Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor is for all ages of people. Athletes can use this armband to monitor their internal measurement of body and heart and also those people who have some issues or complications in their hearts. Scosche Rhythm+ is very simple and easy to use at all.

Scosche Rhythm+ will provide you the best possible measurement when you want to through a high level of exercise or something. All you need to do, just put on the armband on your arm, then, the device will automatically start working. The Armband will track everything of your body from the gesticulations of your blood current rate. 

Technology: Scosche Rhythm+ supports with prevalent fitness and health apps, and these are Mapmyfitness, Strava, Digifit, and Runkeeper. The interesting part is, this device made with Bluetooth and ANT+ mechanism.

Working Ability: Scosche Rhythm+ supports in watches, fitness equipment, tablets, smartphones, and so on. It is a fully wireless device and not a chest strap so that you can easily grab it on your arm. Moreover, this armband uses an app to measure your blood pressure, calories, burned, how long you run or steps, heart rate, speed, etc.

Module:  The Scosche Rhythm+ dimension is 0.4”x 0.2”x 0.4”. It is about 4 ounces by weight. To start the band, you need a battery of lithium-ion. Scosche Rhythm+ provides 2 armbands as a bonus or gift. One is black, large, and small armband strap, and the other is an orange armband.

  • Provides a USB rechargeable battery
  • Build with ANT+ and Bluetooth
  • IP67 rating provided, for this you can immerse the HRM till 1 meter underwater
  • Dual Processor
  • Ability to work up to 7 hours
  • No chest strap is given
  • Doesn’t show the running pace

2. Garmin PremiumOn Budget Peloton Heart Rate Monitor (Soft Strap)

Garmin Premium is made for monitoring the heart rate. It also has a strap that lets you put it on the chest. Transmission happens wirelessly of the data that you need to measure your fitness. While exercising, the Garmin Premium HRM will automatically share your feedback. You might not face issues in connecting this HRM with any device.

The Garmin Premium will detect your device every time you connect with either it’s your smartphone or any other device. For its fantastic build quality, you can wash or clean it very easily.

Technology: Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor can be drowned underwater, and it’s about 30 meters from the surface. Water-resistant and radiofrequency 2.4 GHz ANT+ wireless protocol makes the Garmin Premium truly premium device.

Working Ability: This Garmin Premium support in many fitness apps and your smartphone as well. You can download any fitness app from the Play Store and can connect with the app by ANT+ technology.

Module: The Garmin Premium is about 5.5”x 2.8”x 2.2” and weighs 3.3 ounces. To start the device, you may need a CR2032 lithium coin cell and a lithium metal battery.

  • The battery can be removable and changeable
  • Comfortable and adjustable soft fabric strap
  • Made with ANT+
  • Waterproof
  • You’ll get a warranty of the battery
  • No Bluetooth
  • Doesn’t work or transmit data when swimming
  • Doesn’t have any memory feature

3. Garmin Heart – Rate Monitor

The Garmin Heart Rate Monitor is a similar version of the Garmin Premium. But in this version, you’ll find it as a quality product by its functionalities. It builds quality, makes you glad, and wireless communication with many other devices is unique compatibility, you can say. While exercising, you need to put it on your chest with the help of a chest strap that Garmin provides. Then the device will transfer data through your connected device, your heart rate and show you how much you need to improve yourself to keep you fit. By seeing the HRM’s reading, you can understand that what you need to do in the workout session. 

The soft fabric is used to make the strap. For that reason, the device will easily fit with your body or chest. In the front part of the strap, it holds the main console, which is built with superb quality plastic.

Working Method: Once the Garmin Heart Rate Monitor is connected with your device or smartphone from the beginning, the device will always recognize it in every time. Also, washing the HRM is very easy for the made of plastic. 

Module: The Garmin Heart Rate Monitor is about 3”x 2.7”x 2.5”. It’s also about 2.90 ounces. You will find it very lightweight. Water-resistance ability is available in this device. Thirty-three feet under the water, it can survive. For the first time, it should be needed a CR2032 removable battery to start.

  • Can resist under the water about 10 meters
  • The battery is removable and has a 3-year warranty.
  • Build with ANT+ technology
  • Good range of connectivity
  • Can’t communicate with the connected device in swimming time
  • Cannot save the previous memory data

4. CAT EYE Compatible Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton

Cat Eye is the best heart rate monitor of their company and best HRM for its’ price. Value for money and budget device is Cat Eye, compatible with every console that has ANT+ technology and many fitness tracker apps. The soft fabric is used to make the Cat Eye Heart Rate Monitor and also use the superb quality plastic. You can easily put in on your chest in the soft fabric without any issue.

Technology: You can use the Cat Eye Heart Rate Monitor with any ANT heart rate sensor kit or any ANT+ supported device and also cc-GL50 stealth 50 computer scheme.

Working Method: The Cat Eye can measure the heart rate that causes your illness or not good enough for you, and for that reason, it will show you a red signal or red flag to inform you. This technology makes this Cat Eye Heart Rate monitor a little different from others of its kind, and you can say as a good advantage of it.

Module: 0.5”x 4.5”x 8” by size the Cat Eye HRM. It weighs about 3.3 ounces. You’ll also get a warranty from the company, and it is about four months.

  • Replaceable battery
  • Long strap that chest adjusts up to 1.4 meters
  • ANT+ wireless technology
  • Waterproof ability
  • Not good battery life
  • No Bluetooth
  • No rechargeable battery

5. Wahoo TICKR X – HRM with Bluetooth & ANT+

The Wahoo TICKR X is famous for its working ability. It can work in many ways, and you will be able to do anything with the accuracy that you want. Maintaining our daily routine is somewhat harder than we think so that the Wahoo TICKR X comes out and makes our life very easier.

The Wahoo TICKR X is very popular. You can use it in your Peloton Bike or a hands-free workout. It can measure the motion and intensity both at a time. 

You should put it on your chest with the chest strap and need to switch it on. Once it started, then you can also be able to begin your workout.

You can also save your previous workout data or your performance data with the help of its memory. 

Technology: The Wahoo TICKR X conveys us dual connectivity. It means you can connect the Wahoo TICKR X with any device through Bluetooth and ANT+. Also, it can count in the rep mode. Mainly, it provides you dozens of programs and functions. 

Working Ability: You can connect with smartphones, GPS watch, Tablets, Apple Watch, Garmin, Samsung Gear, and so on. Moreover, you can share your exercise data to your beloved podium. Zwift, RunKeeper, Runtastic, UA Record, Edmundo, Mapmyrun and so on supported by this HRM.

Module: About 2.8”x 5”x 1.5” by the size of the Wahoo TICKR X HRM. It weighs about 1.9 ounces. The Lithium metal battery is given with the Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor.

  • Treadmill mode for tracking
  • Supports the third-party apps
  • Weight is very comfortable
  • Ability to save the workout data up to 16 hours
  • No rechargeable battery
  • Customer Services are rare to find

6. Wahoo TICKR FIT – Best Peloton Compatible Heart Rate Monitor

The Wahoo TICKR FIT can be said an upgrade version of Wahoo TICKR and a budget-friendly HRM for Peloton. This Wahoo TICKR FIT heart rate monitor comes with Bluetooth and ANT+ technology. Smartphones, tablets, GPS watches, and Peloton Bike or the bike computers by Wahoo, Polar, Garmin, Apple, and so on compatibility available.

The Wahoo TICKET FIT heart rate monitor comes with a flexible band style for comfortable workouts like cycling, running, exercising, and so on. The Wahoo TICKR FIT heart rate monitor gives an accurate reading of heart rate and burned calories using the optical heart rate technology.

Technology: The Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor builds with Bluetooth and ANT+. Both connections give you the accurate reading of everything you do, but for the best experience, I recommend you pair the HRM with ANT+ connection mode with your smartphone or Peloton Bike or what you like to use. 

Working Ability: So far, I’ve heard that manufacturers are demanding that this Wahoo TICKR FIT device works with up to 50 smartphone apps, including Peloton, Zwift, Fitness, Runtastic, Runkeeper, UA Record, Endomondo, Map Mu Run, Komoot & Nike Run Club.

Module: The Wahoo TICKR FIT provides two sizes of bands. The smallest is about 10” x 1” and the large is about 15” x 1”. IPX7 rating and it means that this device can survive 5 feet underwater. Also, the company provides a rechargeable battery and a washable strap.

  • LED light indicator
  • ECG heart rate sensor available
  • Removable and rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof
  • 2 straps are given
  • No display of battery charge
  • Connection problem
  • No compatible with chest strap

7. Polar H10 (NEW) Heart Rate Monitor

The Unique Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor builds with both Bluetooth and ANT+. This Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor is the perfect fellow to many workout devices. Moreover, Polar Beat is the only one of Polar’s free fitness and training apps. You can pair with your Polar H10 with the Polar Beat to get awesome experience and feedback on your workout. You’ll get an accurate and perfect reading of heart rate to your smartphone straightly. You’ll find many options to select from reflecting the many other popular fitness apps compatible. This HRM can read your heart rate with a high or the highest accuracy.

The Polar H10 is a build-in Polar Professional strap. This band is very easy to wear, and silicone dots and the upgraded fastener keep the strap inflexibly in position. 

Technology: Manufacturers of Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor demand you connect your Polar H10 HRM firmly to two Bluetooth training devices at a similar time. You can also connect it through ANT+ technology to any ANT+ compatible devices.

Working Ability: The Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor supports in top fitness apps, gym exercise app, sports and smartphones, and other training devices. There are many options to select when you want to see your performance or daily exercise data.

Module: The Polar H10 connector size is about 34x 65x 10mm, and its strap weight is about 39 g, and the connector is about 21 g. The battery is awesome, CR2025. It is about a 400-hour lifetime with BLE and 5kHz transmission active. This Polar H10 is water-resistant and can survive about 30 meters under the water.

  • Updatable application and software
  • The chest strap is available
  • Built-in memory is available
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ technology, both available
  • No major cons

8. Fitbit Alta HR – a coolest ANT+ : Top Quality HRM Device

Fitbit Alta HR is an amazing Heart Rate Monitor of its kind. The Fitbit Alta HR is a handier and more useful device and also a cool looking Heart Rate Monitor. It’s kind of similar to the Honor Fit Band. It keeps monitoring your steps, heart rate, and so on.

Technology: The Fitbit Alta HR is made with Bluetooth and ANT+ function. You can easily pair it on your phone, or any Bluetooth supported device. You can use it like a wrist band or a handy clock.

Working Ability: Fitbit Alta HR is created with SmartTrack technology to log your daily exercise routine autonomously. All you need to do, just connect the HRM with your smartphone, and then the Fitbit Alta HR will automatically read your daily habit.

It has compatible with monitoring your heart rate along with your workout continuously. Whatever, you will either work or run, it will track your activities right on your hand wrist. There no chest strap is given that may uncomforting for your workout.

This Fitbit can track your sleep as well. Also, it can measure how long you in a deep sleep and light sleep. Moreover, it has a built-in silent alarm that helps you to wake up in the morning. Fitbit Alta HR has an OLED display. 

You don’t need to carry your phone to check all your notifications. The HRM has an OLED display showing you the notifications on its display screen. You will never miss any notification while exercising or workout.

Module: There is no strap remaining on this wrist band. Small, large, and XL size is available on the market. No chest strap is needed. A USB charger is provided by the company to charge it. You can use it while swimming because it is resisted water fully.

  • Adjustable band for wrist
  • Autosaving function
  • Color OLED display available
  • Notifications arrived
  • Water resistance
  • No breathing sessions calculation available

9. iGPSPORT HR60 – a budget killer HRM

The iGPSPORT HR60 is a budget killer Heart Rate Monitor on the market. There are three colors of this IGPSPORT HR60 Heart Rate Monitor. It accesses an easy perceptibility to watch the heart rate measurement. 

Technology: This Heart Rate Monitor supports Bluetooth 4 and ANT+ technology. This dual-band technology effortlessly allows you the wireless connectivity for your smartphone or any other device.

Working Ability: The IGPSPORT HR60 can run up to 20 hours on a single charge. Also, this Heart Rate Monitor is compatible with many fitness apps like Garmin, Strava, Zwift, Wahoo, Nike Running, and so on.

Module: The IGPSPORT HR60 is about 4.3 ounces, and the strap length is about 37.6 cm. One lithium-ion battery is required to run the device the first time. IPX7 rated for the water resistance. Also, it is available in red, blue, and pink colors.

  • Charm and good outlook
  • The armband is breathable
  • The LED indicator is available for heart rate notification
  • Good companionability and battery are premium
  • Time-consuming pairing

10. CooSpo Optical Armband HRM for Peloton Bike

If you are looking for a real-time, accurate heart rate monitor while running on your Peloton Bike then, This CooSpo Optical Armband may be the perfect HRM for you.

A great armband and best value for money are CooSpo Optical Armband. This armband is a budget killer armband and popular for its design as well. 

Technology: This CooSpo Optical Armband is built with Bluetooth and ANT+. All devices which have Bluetooth can be easily connected with this device. ANT+ function is also available in this device, so you can easily pair it with any ANT+ functional devices.

Working Ability: The CooSpo has supported not only the CooSpo official application but also many third-party apps like Zwift, Wahoo, Runtastic Pro, Strava, Runkeeper, UA RUN, Map My Run and so on.

Module: Decent size and it is about 2.6”x 1.5”x 0.6”. Weight is about 3.2 ounces. For the first time, you will need a lithium polymer battery to start it. IP67 rated, which means the CooSpo Optical Armband can survive underwater.

  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ both technologies given
  • Cool design and color
  • The battery and the strap are so awesome
  • Compatible with any third-party app
  • Pairing and connection issue
  • Need upgraded software

Considerations For Choosing The Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton

Are you searching the best peloton compatible heart rate monitor? Its really up to you because people have different choices based on functionality, size, warranty, etc. Here I will suggest some of the important things that you may consider when you buy one.

Heart rate control for a chest strap

Heart rate monitors for peloton are two types, Chest strap and wrist or armband. If you want to measure your heart rate accurately in your HRM, then you need to but a chest strap heart rate monitor.

Firstly, you need to put on the chest strap on your chest perfectly, and then the device starts to measure your heart rate like an ECG system. Moreover, the device will convey the data to your heart rate monitor’s pair object or your smartphone or anywhere you want to.

The more you accurately fit the heart rate monitor with your chest, the perfect reading you will get. For the perfect workout session, there is no other option 

Simple and quick to use

Everyone wants a Peloton Bike Heart Rate Monitor that requires a quick and fast wearable technology. You can get it by buying a wristband or an armband HRM. Then you would be able to be quick wherever you are going or in your workout or exercise.

You can easily fasten your heart rate monitor on your chest with the given strap. If you are in a hurry and want the perfect measurement and comfortable feelings, then you should use the chest strap.

Do you feel better when you are exercising or running? It is totally upon you. Because you need to know the things that you buy, using your Peloton Bike, your heart rate monitor should act like an intelligent device that works with your paired device simultaneously.

Features the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor should look

I’ve already told you the features are provided with a Heart Rate Monitor. It is not so ideal to have too many features in your HRM. You should always think that if the key features are available in your heart rate monitor for your workout or not. You’ve to afford that HRM that is related to your workout. 

Your heart rate monitor should have the alarm function to notify you that your heart rate is high or low. Also, your HRM should have a clock, timers, stopwatch, and alarm in a basic platform. Do be sincere when you buy one.

For monitoring your fitness, you have to ensure the functions as calories burned, treadmill, swimming, running, cycling, walking steps, and so on.

Bluetooth and ANT+ Available

Bluetooth and ANT+ technology for a heart rate monitor is a must. To connect with your smartphone, you need Bluetooth, and to connect with Peloton Bike, ANT+ should be on the device.

The phone will show you the pair via Bluetooth. But via Bluetooth, at a time, you cannot connect it with more than one.

ANT+ technology means a gradual update of the workout. This monitoring will help you with your every workout session. Also, you can modify your workout data by using this ANT+ technology. Your paired device will show you how much you have to improve yourself in your workout. Bluetooth and ANT+ are very important for these reasons.

Soft Strap, Washable and Waterproof

The strap that you buy, it’s totally up to you. Make sure that your strap is made with soft fabric and comfortable goods.

Soft fabric gives your skin no pain or harm. It can be adjusted to your body very easily for its’ flexibility.

 Besides, it is easily washable for its build-in quality and softness. And, after wash, it will easily fit with your skin as before.

Waterproof ability is one of the most advantages of any heart rate monitor. Sweat can harm the device in your workout time. As a result, you’ll get unrealistic data on heart rate or any other feedback


Before you get a heart rate monitor for your Peloton Bike, you need to know the price that is in your budget. If your heart rate monitor doesn’t have some coolest features, then it will be a loss for you.

Try to confirm that your heart rate monitor has these functions that you may need in your workout. And to gain Bluetooth and ANT+ technology, both, you have to pay more than your expectation.

Moreover, you need to know the perfect price of your heart rate monitor according to its functionalities. Please don’t buy any heart rate monitor for your Peloton bike without knowing the price and features.

Benefits of Wearing a Heart Rate Monitor

The first thing in your mind might be, Is it worth getting a heart rate monitor for peloton? Or what are the benefits of wearing a heart rate monitor during spinning? To know the answers, just keep reading.

Here are 4 major ways a HRM can help you to make sure your expectations are met as safely and effectively.

1. To track your body reaction, that means; whats your body reacts under what circumstances like cycling workouts, running, weather conditions, sea level etc.

2. To know the condition of your cardiovascular system during physical activity. You must have to aware of this, because you can tell your doctor anytime whats your cardiovascular condition.

3. To know the intensity of your workout. The “perceived exertion rate” indicates your workout intensity.

4. Finally, to measure your workout effort and progress you must need a HRM. You must track what you already recovered and how far you need to go.


Tell me, what is the working method of Heart Rate Monitor Work with Peloton Bike?

Answer. If every heart rate sensor has features of ANT+, then the Peloton bike should function. No other option to use a Peloton Bike without ANT+ for a better experience. ANT+ apps let us link to several computers.

Does Apple watch work with the Peloton Bike? If it works, then how?

Answer. Yeah, the heart rate sensor for the peloton bikes has ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities. So, you can easily attach the Apple watch to the Peloton wheel. The pulse rate, rhythm, and tempo, calories expended, etc., Can be seen in apple watch.

What is ANT+?

Answer. ANT+ implies a link offering several links to the company. As the computer is compatible, you will be able to update your monitoring system. 

It is simply wireless networking, allowing other users to transfer data on to each other. ANT+ activity Icons also indicate it can move data. Also, it combines several displays at a time with several sensors.

How to sync Strava for my Peloton Bike?

Answer. Firstly, you need to build a Strava account. You’ll be able to post your previous workout in the Strava registry after you have made the account. It will help you improve your job and rank, amongst others.

How to wear a chest, heart rate monitor?

Answer. You have to wear it around your chest at first, a little under the muscles of your arms. Attach the remainder of the harness to the TICKER. Ensure moist electrode surfaces are stylish. This is how you can use and wear a heart rate monitor from your chest.

Final word

Finally, when you will buy the best heart rate monitor for peloton, you need to take care of your heart rate monitor properly. You cannot throw or put it on your bed roughly. Be gentle with your HRM.

You need to wash your heart rate monitor after your workout daily.

By keeping maintenance and good care, you will get the best experience. You also need to recharge it after a time to keep the battery healthy. By doing all these things, you can feel the best involvement from your heart rate monitor.

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