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5 Best Fat Tire Bike Pedals [Flat and Clipless ]

Best Fat Tire Bike pedals

Today, if you want to ride on soft surfaces such as snow, bogs, and even sand, the first thing that comes to mind is a fat tire bike. One thing I really appreciate of all bikes is the flexibility of the parts, especially the pedals.

The same extends to the fat tire bikes. Thus, if you don’t like the pedals that the bike comes in, by all means you have the option to change it. And, as luck would have it, we already have the best fat tire bike pedals selected for you. I’m sure you can’t resist a glimpse!

5 Best Fat Tire Bike Pedals

With the freedom to either use flat or clipless pedals on the flat bike tire, we have brought you both options to make your top choice. Let’s get things under water on the individual details;

1. ROCKBROS MTB: Wide Comfy Platform Pedals

A wide platform provides you with a really comfortable pedaling surface. Whenever you are using your fat tire bike with these MTB pedals, the downstroke becomes even more fun. Despite providing a wide surface area of 4.1 inches, the pedal is quite lightweight.

In the same vein, the pedal is sturdy, being a rugged nylon fiber construction. This creates a strong and durable CR-Mo, and an excellent and quality platform. Moreover, the material and design absorb shock, while preventing corrosion and abrasion.

The main reason you are using a fat bike must be because you enjoy riding on soft terrains, right? Though you are already sure that the fat tires will not let you down, the pedals may. Thus, for security on the pedals, there are grip nails that securely hold your feet in place. The nails are on either side of the pedal, hence preventing any kind of slipping off.

Worried about the size fit? Not any more, because the universal pedals have a spindle thread of 9/16 inches, which will most likely suit your fat tire bike best. This means that whether you are using a BMX, MTB, Hybrid bike or even your model of fat bike that is not here, you will have success with the pedals.

Quite easy to identify and install, the pedals have CR-L and CR-R for left and right consecutively already labelled. Lucky for you, the bearings are already sealed so as to protect the spindle from debris and even moisture. These could cause challenges and squeaking later in the pedal life, which you wouldn’t want.

Last but not least, I love that these pedals for your fat bike offer you color choices. They come in black, green, blue, red and even orange. You now have the option to add a customized color on your fat tire bike, hence neutralizing the large black outlook.

  • Wide platform
  • Amazing quality and durability
  • Color options for the pedals
  • Nails that prevent slipping off
  • Easy installation process
  • Not for use with clip-in shoes.

2. RaceFace Chester Bike Pedal: Grippy Flat Pedals

It’s amazing how riding a fat bike on snow is so much fun, yet you don’t want the same softness on your bike parts, especially the pedals. In this case, some grippy pedals, such as this RaceFace pair, are the best service that you can offer your bike.

Actually, I’ll take the words of a customer who commented that “once you put your feet on the pedal, repositioning them becomes difficult”. This is what a fat bike rider wants to hear, because losing control of your bike by losing pedal grip is the last thing that you want.

On top of that, the pedals come with quality steel pins. Can you remove them and replace when necessary? You definitely can! That’s the freedom that the pedals guarantee you.

This being said, the bike is technically a nylon composite construction, with the chromoly built of steel. Thus, quality and durability will not be a worrying question with the pedals.

Then, we all know that the lighter the bike pedals the more efficient the pedaling becomes, isn’t that so? These pedals are only 340g for the whole pair, adding almost no weight to your cycling exercise.

  • Secure pedal grip
  • Quality construction, hence durable
  • Lightweight
  • Not for clip-in cycling shoes

3. FOOKER MTB Bike Pedals: Best Lightweight Flat Pedal

Want the least weight a pedal can offer? How about trying out this FOOKER model, which comes at only 0.36lbs? Yet, this does not substitute into a small platform, because the pedal still manages 4.16 by 3.99 by 0.8 inches dimensions.

No one wants pedals that eventually turn your bike into an old-looking piece of work. To avoid this, these pedals are designed to accommodate fine polish, so that the exquisite surface is ever lustrous.

Then there is the new design that your fat bike riding will treasure, and that is the reverse pedal installation. The anti-slip nail at the sides enhance grasp on the pedal, preventing you from sliding off your pedals.

With 3 bearings already in the pedal, the rotary lubrication is obvious. Hence, you can now bid good bye to constant oiling and lubrication, only once in a while. Or, don’t expect the annoying squeaking sounds.

Made from the sturdy aluminum alloy 6061 on the pedal and steel at the axle, the quality of the pedal is topnotch. To back up the quality of the construction is a 3-year warranty, which protects you against any manufacturer defect damage.

Talking of the axle, the spindle thread of the pedal is 9/16 inches, hence perfect fat bike size. This is standard, hence suitable for most bikes, and most fat bikes will fall in the category.


  • Amazingly lightweight
  • 3 bearings for constant lubrication
  • Nail at the platform for grasp
  • Quality and durable pedals


4. Shimano PD-EH500 SPD Bike Pedals: Dual-Sided Spd clipless Pedal

Whenever a rider hears Shimano, brand quality rings in their mind. And it is not just speculation, because Shimano has proven quality over the years. So, let’s have a look at the Clipless pedal that it is offering;

The most essential benefit that you will reap from this pedal, which you won’t get from others, is the dual-sided platform. While on one side you get the traditional platform for ride with any shoe, on the other is the contemporary SPD design.

Therefore, if you want to commute on your fat tire bike in sneakers, then you have the option. The flat side of the pedals feature removable pins, whose main goal is to facilitate traction, even in the wet muddy conditions.

Want to race on snow while your feet are highly secured on the pedals? The pedals not only provide a suitable surface, but you also get a free gift with the pedals, which is a Shimano SM cleat set that is multi release in design.

Clipping in and out has never been easy as with these Shimano cleats. Combined with either CT or MT shoes, these cleats offer a light action binding mechanism. Also, the release tension settings are marvelously adjustable.

Back to quality, the pedals are aluminum in material, while the axle is chromoly steel. Coupled with a warranty that lasts for 2 good years, then you have nothing to worry about the pedals.

Other than that, the pedals are lightweight, carrying only 383g per pair. So, you can cycle with ease, with no added weights to push in a downstroke.

  • Highly versatile, with a 2-sided platform
  • Quality and durability guaranteed on the pedal
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with cleats, which are easy to clip in and out
  • Grip pins for the flat platform pedal side
  • Quite expensive

5. Venzo SPD Clipless Pedals: Best Clipless Pedals for Fat Tire Bike

If looking for the best purely clipless pedals for your fat tire bike, then going with this Venzo pair is never disappointing. Want to find out what its mind-blowing features are? Continue reading!

Firstly, the pedals are universal, and that means that all standard crank arm bikes are compatible with them. The axle is 9/16 inches, CNC machined CR-Mo for quality design and structure.

Secondly, the pedals will ensure that the first smooth ride you get is consistent even after long period of use. This stems from the ball bearings it uses, which are sealed to prevent dust, debris and moisture, while lubricating the rotary.

More importantly, the pedals are clipless, and at that, compatible with Shimano SPD pedals. Actually, they come with a set of SPD cleats, thus saving you the cost and challenges of a new order. Besides, the tension of the cleats is adjustable, ranging from 80 to

The larger the platform surface, the more efficient the ride. For this reason, the pedal measures 103 x 63 mm, hence offering you sufficient riding space.

  • Sealed bearings for a smooth ride on snow, sand and mud
  • Clipless, hence secure feet on pedals
  • Sufficient riding area
  • There’s no option to ride in regular shoes.

Are Fat Bikes Hard to Pedal?

Not really. If you are riding on the soft surface they are meant for, then the riding is pretty easy. This comes from the fact that the flat tires have sufficient balance on the soft surfaces.

Nevertheless, the fat bikes are hard to pedal on other surfaces, since they are heavier than normal road bikes.

Are all Fat bike Pedals Flat?

No, they are not. Pedals are so flexible that you can always change into the ones you treasure most in a ride. The better news is that with flat bikes, you can use either the flat or the clipless pedals, depending on what you feel comfortable using.

Which Things Should You Consider When Buying the Best Fat Tire Bike Pedals?


Pedals not only determine your performance on the bike, but also your safety. For example, if you had a pedal that just breaks while on the bike, you could have an accident. This could even be worse while on a fat tire bike terrain, such as sand.

Thus, check that the material and construction of the bike pedals present quality.

Type of Pedal

Both clipless and flat pedals are suitable and compatible with the fat tire bikes. Nevertheless, your preference is paramount. Which one do you prefer? Besides, you have the option that provides a dual side, such as the Shimano above.

Size of the Platform

The size of the platform is also essential to your cycling, especially with the fat bike preferred surface. The fact that you will most likely be cycling in soft surface tells you that a surface that holds the better part of your feet will be helpful.

Therefore, go for a platform surface that you don’t struggle to keep your feet on, a large surface.


Though pedals do not last forever, a pedal that guarantees you a longer lifetime will be worth it. It is bound to be quality, with optimal performance. Besides, you want to bid goodbye to the shop for some time, isn’t that so?


The spindle thread size should be suitable to your fat bike. 9/16 inches is the standard, so ensure that you check this out before making a purchase of the fat bike pedal. This way, you will not have a challenge trying to install the pedal in the bike’s crank arm.


If the bike pedals that you choose are platform, then ensure that they offer optimal grip on the pedal. They should either have side pins to keep your feet glued to the pedal, or even in a surface coating that is grippy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it really necessary to upgrade pedals?

Yes, it is. Unfortunately, pedals fall in the category of bike parts that have to be replaced at least once every 1-5 years, depending on the bike use. Upgrading bike pedals make the ride safer, and even more efficient.

Can you ride a fat bike on pavement?

Yes, you can. the fat bikes are good on any terrain, and pavements are no different. Though you may find it harder to pedal on pavement, the bike is still a great success here.

Are fat bikes fast?

Yes, they are. They can actually compete with gravel and mountain bikes, especially on their strong terrains, that is, soft terrains. However, you obviously cannot compare the speed to the road bike speed.

Are fat bikes good for long distance?

This will depend on the terrain that you want to use your fat bike on. Being heavier, they may be more tiring to ride, especially on different terrains. However, in a whole area full of sand or snow, you can ride the fat bike for as long as you like. It is really enjoyable to ride, given the condition, yet your ability to maintain balance.

Bottom Line

Best fat tire bike pedals? You got a few well-selected options above, and I am sure that the buying guide will help you with the selection.

While riding a fat tire bike is fun, trendy and modern, having the right pedals could make your experience on the bike more thrilling. So, try out your favorite bike pedal above and thank me later!

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