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6 Best Cycling Sandals: Flat & Clipless | Men’s & Women’s

best cycling sandals

If you have never ridden on your bike in so much feet aeration that you did not realize how hot it was, then you don’t know what you are missing. Miss your feet in the free sandals?

Fortunately, we got you not just cycling sandals, but the best available. Now you only have to go through a small list, and you can make a choice among these. Also, you will get a buying guide and most of the questions you may have already answered.

Best Cycling Sandals (SPD, Flat & Clipless)

Below are the 6 best Cycling Sandals, selected on the basis of material, performance and also real customer reviews. Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for every SPD, Flat & Clipless Sandals for Cycling by scrolling down.

Best Cycling Sandals Men’s

Best Women’s Cycling Sandals

Let’s skip to the top cycling sandals that you can count on in the Amazon today. Ready to join in the discussion?

1. Exustar SS503 – Spd Cycling Sandals Men’s

Have you been jumping from one cycling shoe to another, since the width is ever an issue to you? The Exustar E- SS503 Bike Sandal comes with a solution you would love to try.

The shoes are available in a spectrum of sizes, ranging from size 37 to 42. Therefore, it is rare that you will not get a perfect match. With a wide sole, the shoe accommodates people with wider feet perfectly.

Besides, the shoe upper is basically a strap overlay, which stretches to accommodate foot width.  The design further enhances breathability, which is the main reason you go for cycling sandals.

Made of PU leather and neoprene, the shoe is really comfortable. So, want to ride sockless? You have the opportunity to let your feet breath with the Exustar sandals. And let’s not forget the durability that comes with the material.

As for the closure system, the shoe uses 3 Velcro straps. These will facilitate an ergonomic fit, which in turn ensures that your feet are securely set.

Let’s skip to the outsole of the shoe, which greatly defines a cycling shoe. First off, the shoe outsole is made in rubber. The rubber is tough for power transfer, while it is comfortable enough to walk in.

Moreover, the sole features a screw-on cleat plate, which is recessed. This enhances walking in the shoe. With a molded Eva incorporated in the outsole, the shoe facilitates comfort and performance both on and off the bike.

The cleat is 2-hole, so that you can use cleats of the SPD type. The best part about SPD cleats is that they are the most used in spinning studios and also on road bikes. And, since you can walk in the shoe, commuting on it will just be obvious.

The pair weighs only 820 grams, which is not much for your cycling exercise.

  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Accommodates wide feet.
  • Fit for walking.
  • Enhances a fruitful ride.
  • The shoe is only compatible with the SPD pedal system.

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2. Keen Newport – Keen Men’s Cycling Sandals

If you love riding in water or are practicing triathlon, then Keen Men’s Newport could just be what you are looking for. The shoe has washable polyester upper, which is impressively fast-drying.

In addition, the sandal top is water-resistant, so that water that falls on it rolls away leaving your feet dry. So, whether you are riding amidst water grounds or in the rain, the sandal will support you all through.

Other than that, the sandal’s reaction to water enhances durability. After all, the PFC-free material is extremely quality.

The outsole is rubber, which is in a design that is multi-directional lugs to enhance traction on the pedals. With a conspicuous bumper at the toes, you don’t need to worry about your toes hitting hard on a surface. You will be safe through and through.

Also, the design is non-marking, so as to prevent marks when walking especially in the house. That being said, the shoe is highly versatile. Other than riding in the shoe, you can walk, run, and even have fun in and on the water.

As for the fit, the sandal comes with a lace-lock bungee closure. The best part about it is that it is highly adjustable for a secure yet comfortable fit. Talking of comfort, the sandal has a non-removable footbed, which is Eva, that enhances comfort and also facilitates arch support.

Coming in multiple colors and color combinations, the shoes offer you options of choice with colors.

Finally, the sandal comes with better news, in that it is machine-washable. This will reduce the stress and time that you take in hand-washing.

  • Best for all-weather cycling
  • Water-resistant and quick-drying
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent pedal traction
  • You need to size up if you have wide feet, which is not indicated.

3. Shimano Spd – Men’s & Women’s Cycling Sandals

Want a pair of sandals that you can use for summer road trips? Try out this Shimano sandal, and I am quite sure that you will love the choice. Let’s have a look at what the shoe offers;

First off, Shimano Unisex is highly light, with a weight of only 400 grams for the pair. This ensures that the shoe weight does not wear you off during the long rides.

Also, of importance is the foot bed, which is flat. This makes it great for long distance comfort. The outsole is reinforced with fiberglass at the shank plate, so that the sole is rigid. This will bring forth optimized power transfer, hence minimize fatigue.

In addition, the sole has a wide surface area. Coupled with the rubber material, the shoe is stable and a wonderful choice for both cycling and walking.

Generally, the shoe is really wide. You have most likely realized that your feet swell in hot weather, especially if you are outdoors. This shoe will accommodate such changes, ensuring that you are comfortable regardless of the situation.

For maximum breathability, the upper part of the sandal is durable synthetic leather, combined with a mesh layer. The straps are wide apart, ensuring that the better part of the upper foot is in the open. Besides, the mesh controls the little moisture that comes from sweaty feet in a hot day.

To boom it all is the dual strap design closure. It is not just highly secure, but it enhances your feet comfort.

  • Highly breathable
  • Awesome choice for wide feet needs
  • Comfortable for long distance rides
  • Only available in wide widths.

4. Exustar SS515 – Women’s Clipless Cycling Sandals (Spd)

Comfort is what we all are looking for in a cycling shoe. All the sandals in this list offer comfort, but this Exustar piece stands out. Whether you are recovering from a broken foot, have bunions or an issue with swollen feet, this shoe is for you.

The most notable part of these sandals are the 4 Velcro straps, which enhance an ergonomic shoe fit. But that’s not even the most important aspect of the closure, because there’s more. The straps are not just adjustable, but also so long that even a foot that wants maximum space will get it.

When combined with the hook and loop closure, the shoe will keep your foot feeling secure and ready for a ride.

On top of that, the upper shoe is purely natural suede straps, accompanied by a strap overly that is very flexible. The material is so comfortable that you will not have the stress of line marks or sores from a barefoot ride at all.

The strap system leaves the shoe highly breathable. Hence, it is an awesome choice for summer rides, both indoors and on the road.

As for the outsole, it is tough rubber, which is in an Eva wedge design. This enhances the shoe comfort, especially when you have to walk in the shoe. If you have a foot challenge, all the more comfort you will appreciate.

With a recessed 2-hole cleat system, you can use the shoe with any cleat that is compatible with 2-hole cleat plates. The tough semi-rigid rubber facilitates power transfer, keeping the ride more motivating and less tiring.

Surprisingly, this shoe is not just for the clipless pedals. You have the option to use flat pedals whenever you feel like. With a recessed cleat plate, the deep outsole pattern will present you an optimal grip on the flat pedal.

Available in a wide range of sizes, from 37 to 48, you will be sure to get your best pick. A friendly request, though: with a wide or swollen foot or if suffering from bunions, a size higher will be most comfortable.

  • Adjustable strap overlay and Velcro straps
  • Suitable for delicate feet that need extra attention
  • Highly breathable for hot seasons
  • Great for all 2-hole clipless pedal types.
  • Best choice for MTB cycling
  • The straps are too long for some customers’ liking.

5. Keen Whisper – Keen Women’s Commuter Cycling Sandals

Some feet needs are gender-specific, that we cannot deny. Women have feet that tend towards narrow and short in sizes, factors that are only considered in women’s shoes. for an ergonomic fit in the best cycling shoe, we got this sandal from Keen. Let’s dive into the details of the sandal;

Essentially, the sandal is a women’s footwear, hence sizes in women’s sizes. The sizes rage from size 5 to 12.

Then there is the performance, which the shoe guarantees. Made of polyester, the shoe is of high quality and durability is guaranteed.

Moreover, the sandals are obviously breathable. This stems from not just the fact that they are sandals, but also due to the sandal design. The straps are narrower, and though many, leaving sufficient ventilation space. And don’t get me wrong; just because the straps are narrow doesn’t mean that the sandals are weak at all. They are actually strong enough, and linked in a stronger bond.

A lace graces the upper shoe from the toe line to the top. Functioning perfectly to bring an ergonomic fit, the lace further gives the shoe an elegant outlook.

Coming in a wide range of colors, you will not fall short of options with this sandal. Take a beach friendly color, a summer outlook or even your favorite color down your ride.

Best for flat pedals, the sandals’ outsole is rubber in material. it has a non-marking design that, besides favoring cycling, allows for walking. The grip and traction that it delivers makes the shoe perfect for other activities as well, such as hiking, boat riding, fishing and other recreative activities.

The interior is really comfortable, from top to bottom. This stems from the soft cushion that the strap overly gives, and also the soft Eva footbed.

  • Versatile activity-friendly
  • Women-specific fit assured
  • Great traction on the pedals
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Not compatible with clipless pedals

6. Gold Pigeon – Casual Women’s Cycling Sandals

Want a casual ride but at a pocket-friendly cost? Gold Pigeon sandals offers you an excellent option. Comprising of sandals, flip-flops and even slides, what more could you ask for to get a casual ride?

With 90% of the material rubber and the remaining 10% rayon, the shoe is quite lightweight.

For a casual summer or beach ride, this sandal is really suitable. The design, which puts the upper material sparingly, leaves the feet to all the aeration that it needs. Moreover, if you have been having swollen feet, and towards recovery, the sandals are a good start-off.

In addition, the sole is perforated, which increases the efficiency of airflow to your feet. and, if your feet get into water, the perforations easily release the water to keep you dry. With the sandal design, there’s no way that you will have a challenge with sweat or even water getting to your feet.

The outsole further features a yoga mat tread, which is ideal for a perfect non-slip pedal grip.

Something I also fell in love with about the shoe is that it is a great option for people with heavy weights. With a lite arch support, the shoe accommodates up to 400lbs body weight. Therefore, as you start out on riding to shed off weight next summer, this could be your best deal: comfortable and fitting.

For the best individual fit, the sandals and slides have adjustable straps. Thus, you can customize them to your perfect sandal fit.

  • Unexpensive
  • Best for casual rides
  • Lightweight
  • Awesome pedal grip
  • Highly breathable
  • Narrower width

Factors to Consider When Buying A Cycling Sandal


Quality in cycling is very important. Lack of quality could lead to accidents and slips, which no rider wants to experience. When looking for cycling sandals online, ensure that you go through the description I detail, and also check what others say about the sandal.

Always have multiple options, so that you will not be forced to compromise with the shortcomings of one.

Compatibility with Bike Pedals

Some sandals are compatible with clipless pedals, others with flat pedals. Those that are compatible with clipless pedals could be pedal style specific, so always check to ensure that yours is included.

Pedal Traction

Especially for the sandals that go with flat pedals, traction is really essential. You don’t want a sandal that keeps sliding off the pedal, right?

This you will know by the design of the shoe bottom. For a cycling shoe, large patterns that facilitate grip are necessary.


Just like other cycling shoes, the sandals come in different sizes. Some are men, others women and still other are unisex. Moreover, you may have to size up or down with the cycling sandals, depending on the specific sandal. Ensure you have all this information before making your final purchase.


Like you read prior, feet can actually expand and even contract due to the weather conditions. This being the case, a sandal whose strap or closure system is adjustable will be the best alternative.

Moreover, if your feet are swelling, you need a shoe that will accommodate the swellings, and still fit you in your normal feet sizes, right?

What are the Benefits of Cycling Sandals?

1. Breathability

Unlike completely closed shoes with tiny ventilations, sandals offer optimal breathability. They are great for riding in hot seasons, and also to let your feet breathe once in a while. You will rarely sweat in sandals, and when you do, it is still much less compared to closed cycling shoes.

2. Facilitate Feet Recovery

If you have a foot that had been injured, wearing closed shoes will be uncomfortable. Also, the feet being locked will prevent faster healing due to the warmth and probable bacteria.

In this case, then sandals are the best option to start with.

3. Comfort

Sandals are really comfortable. You don’t feel your toes clogged together, your feet are not drenching in pain and above all, they are easier to adjust.

Sandals are a good choice to have at home, so that you can use them for change once in a while. They make you feel relaxed and casual.

4. Versatile

Unlike other cycling shoes, sandals are quite versatile. For instance, you can walk, fish, and even swim in some, other than riding in them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cycle in sandals?

Yes, you can. All you need is to ensure that the sandals are compatible with your bike pedals, especially in clipless pedals.

Can you use sandals with clipless pedals?

Yes, you can. There are cycling sandals that feature a cleat plate, so that you can use them with the clipless pedals.

Can you wear flipflops on a bike?

Yes, you can. Nevertheless, this is only possible on flat pedals, since most flipflops just have a flat bottom and do not accommodate cleats.

Can you spin in cycling sandals?

Yes, you can. if your cycling sandals are compatible with your pedal system, then why not let your feet breathe as you spin?

Final Verdict

Best cycling sandals? Sure, these are the best biking accessory that you can have as your cycling shoe back-up. you will not just wait for summer to wear them, but you need to cut in your cycling sessions with the sandals often, at least to let your feet have a breeze.

Now that you got a buying guide too, the verdict should be with you. Get the best sandal pair that you found exciting and suitable for you.

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