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Best Cycling Shoes Under 100 [Top 8 Picks in Budget]

cheap cycling shoes

Is it possible to get best cycling shoes under 100? Of course, the higher the cost of cycling shoes the better the performance of the shoe. Nevertheless, given the market competition, you will surprisingly get awesome cycling shoes even way below $100. Better still, shoes whose performances are really competitive. Some have even found their way among top cycling shoes overall, hence competing with more expensive models.

Sadly, it is quite difficult to tell which cheap cycling shoes will be worth the purchase in the first place. Therefore, we do the research for you and come up with a list you can look into when making a choice. To boom it up, we have compiled the factors that you need to take into consideration when buying the cycling shoes.

Best Budget Cycling Shoes Under 100 $

Now, let’s skip into our unrivaled list of the best budget cycling shoes that I am sure you will think of considering.

1. ZOL Predator – Best Indoor & Mtb Cycling Shoes Under 100

  • Material: mesh, leather, fiberglass-injected nylon
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Cleat System Used: 2-bolt

Yes, this shoe is really a predator, especially when it comes to mountain or indoor biking. This stems from its excellent performance, both on and off the pedal. So, let’s have a look at what it has to offer;

Essentially, the shoe outsole is not just fiberglass injected nylon, but the material has been doubled. The reason behind this is obvious; ensuring that power transfer is not compromised. On top of that, the sole features 2-bolt cleat system, hence compatible with SPD, Crank Brothers and all MTB pedal systems.

To facilitate comfort, the shoe has absolutely no stitching on the mesh leather that composes the upper shoe. And not just that, but the design and material enhance a light weight of the shoe. Moreover, the shoe comes with a perforated insole, which drains all the sweat off the feet and leave them dry and comfortable.

With 3 carbon fiber Velcro straps, your feet remain secure in the shoe. Coupled with a heel cup, stability and comfort will definitely be achieved.

  • Excellent performance both indoors and in mountain biking
  • Compatible with a range of clipless pedals
  • Comfort and safety optimized
  • Breathability
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Only compatible with 2-bolt pedals
  • A bit of difficulty clipping in, but overall good
This shoe is a great option for better performance when spinning and mountain biking. If you do both, a single pair is all you need.

2. Santic – Best Budget Road Cycling Shoes

  • Material: PU, Nylon
  • Gender: Men
  • Cleat System Used: 3-Bolt

For a cycling shoe that is literally compatible with any 3-bolt cleat system, then Santic is the best option. Regardless of whether you are using the latest cleat system in the market, Santic will still be suitable.

Adding to that is the nylon sole, which is really rigid. Therefore, power transfer will be top notch in the shoe. Talking of flexibility in use, the shoe is so versatile that you can use it with any bike. Whether indoor, on the road, mountain cycling or gravel biking, you will get an optimal power transfer.

To enhance a secure fit, the shoe uses Velcro straps and a precision buckle, which only loosens when you wish.

Then there is the TPR insole and lining, which facilitates moisture absorption during cycling. Combined with the perforated PU upper, breathability and a cool breeze will reign your ride.

  • Universal compatibility
  • Secure fit
  • Moisture absorption and breathability
  • Power transfer
  • It is of medium width, hence not for wide feet
  • The tongue is quite stiff and pinch, but which cycling socks can correct
This shoe is perfect in enhancing versatility, regardless of the bike and pedal system. All you need to ensure is that your pedal system is 3-bolt, and you will have all you need in these cycling shoes.

3. Tiebao – best road cycling shoes under 100

  • Material: double-injected fiberglass, nylon, synthetic fiber
  • Gender: men
  • Cleat System: 3-hole

When you hear of road cycling shoes, then maximum power transfer has to follow. With a double injected fiberglass in a nylon sole, this Tiebao shoe is a great option for increased performance on the bike.

To add perfection to your ride on the road, the shoe features a front PVC toe cup, which facilitates toe protection in case you bump into anything. Extending to the outsole, the feature ensures that your feet are safe even when you bump into a stone.

The upper shoe is a composite of high-density synthetic fiber and mesh, which facilitates ventilation and breathability in the shoe. Plus, the perforated insole, your feet will be dry regardless of how sweaty the ride becomes.

Besides that, the cycling shoes assure you of safety. this you get from the anti-slip lining up the heel, coupled with the strong hook and loop closure system.

Finally, the shoes are compatible with Look Keo, SPD and SPD-SL cleat systems, so you can use them for spinning and road cycling.

  • Power transfer
  • Safety precautions taken
  • Maximum ventilation and breathability
  • Secure fit
  • Available in men sizes only
  • Only good for indoor and road cycling
This shoe is great for road cycling exercises. From the material to the quality, and the, most importantly, the cost, the shoe is worth a trial.

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4. Tommaso Milano – Cheap Mens Cycling Shoes for Commuter/Spin Bike

  • Material: synthetic, leather
  • Gender: Men
  • Cleat System: 2-bolt

Tommaso Milano tops when it comes to cycling shoes that you can use to commute or ride casually in clipless pedals. With a recessed cleat plate, you can walk in the shoe. Nevertheless, power transfer is still enabled through the 2-bolt cleat system, in addition to the semi-rigid sole.

The best part about commuting in the shoe is the outlook, which is casual sneaker. You would never guess that it is a cycling shoe, while getting all the performance that you need on your bike.

With a lace closure, you get an ergonomic fit that you can always adjust to release pressure points.

As a further matter, the shoe is of very high quality. This is backed by the free fit returns, and the 2-year warranty. As for an ideal fit, the shoe has medium width. Thus, if you have a larger foot you will need to size up.

  • Allows you to walk in it
  • Breathable and allows for release of pressure points
  • High quality
  • Durable and with a 2-year warranty
  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • Power transfer is not optimized, as the sole is flexible
  • Only compatible with SPD 2-bolt pedals
For a casual outlook on and off your bike, this Milano pair is an excellent option. It gives you the versatility of riding clipless pedals and walking in the shoe, hence flexible.

5. Gavin Pro – Best Cycling Shoes on A Budget

  • Material: nylon fiberglass, mesh
  • Gender: unisex
  • Cleat System: 2 and 3-bolt

Peloton is quite specific when it comes to cycling shoes, and getting a cheap pair that you can trust even more difficult. For this reason, we bring you Gavin Pro, whose performance and compatibility with the bike will amaze you.

Most importantly, the shoes are compatible with both 2 and 3-bolt cleat systems, which make them versatile. Thence, it allows a wide range of compatibility choices. Pedal systems suitable include Look Delta, Look Keo, SPD, SPD-R, SPD-SL, among others.

Also, the shoes have a fiberglass nylon sole, whose rigidity encourages optimal power transfer during a spinning class, or even on the road.

Designed as a road shoe, the lightweight aspect of the shoe is really impressive, adding to its performance. With the upper highly composed of mesh construction, breathability and aeration will be exquisite. Adding to the breathability are air-flow vents at the sole, which drain moisture off the feet while cooling them.

  • Compatible with peloton
  • Versatile, compatible with 2 and 3-bolt cleat systems
  • Breathability both on the upper and lower shoe maximized
  • lightweight
  • best for narrow feet only
  • not suitable for walking
This highly versatile shoe is compatible with both two and three-bolt cleat systems, hence quite flexible in use. The better news is that it is compatible with peloton, and the performance on the spin bike impressive.

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6. Giro Men’s – Best Budget Cycling Shoes

  • Material: nylon injected fiberglass, rubber, microfiber, and mesh
  • Gender: Men
  • Cleat System: 2-bolt

If you are a beginner with cycling shoes, Giro Men offers the comfort, performance and training that you require for advanced cycling experience. Actually, it is referred to as the foundation of expert riding.

Though 2-bolt cleat compatible, the shoe has a recessed cleat plate. This way, you are able to walk in the cycling shoe, making it efficient on and off the bike. anyway, the shoe is compatible with cleat systems such as SPD, Time ATAC, Crank Brothers, among others.

On the other hand, the sole has not compromised its rigidity. It features a nylon injected plate and stainless-steel hardware, ensuring that power transfer is achieved. Actually, the sole is also a composite of co-molded rubber, which provides traction for grip during walking, and also when using flat pedals.

Then there is the upper side, which is a composition of microfiber and mesh. This enhances the shoe’s light weight, while ensuring that the shoe remains supportive. The material further enhances breathability, hence keeping the feet comfortable.

Finally, there is the 3-strap closure, which does not just allow for an ergonomic fit, but also enhances adjustment to release pressure points and customize fit.

  • Compatible with a range of pedal systems
  • Versatile, as you can walk in the shoes
  • Facilitates power transfer
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Only in men sizes
  • 2-bolt cleat system only
For the best beginner experience, this shoe wins the medal. With a good vibe on and off the bike, clipping in and out and comfort, it is the best motivation towards expert biking.

7. Tommaso Terra – Best Women’s Bike Shoes Under 100

  • Material: rubber, synthetic leather
  • Gender: Women
  • Cleat System: 2-bolt

For the best women-specific cheap cycling shoes, this Tommaso Terra beats the odds. It is highly versatile, allowing for spinning, road cycling and mountain biking. The women’s fitting ensures that women get an ergonomic and comfortable fit in the shoes.

You will also be pleased to know that the shoes come with SPD cleats already installed. Hence, you are saved from having to purchase the cleats separately. With fiberglass reinforced sole, the shoe provides the stiffness that you require for power transfer .

To bring about comfort, the shoes provide a good deal of padding at the tongue and heel area to prevent pinching. Also, the low-profile Velcro straps closure system is adjustable and secure, hence a fitting that ensures that you are comfortable all through.

As for quality, the shoe comes with a 2-year warranty, which assures you that the shoe will last longer.

  • Best cycling shoes for women in the price range
  • Versatile use, as you can walk in them and still clip in to pedals
  • Come with SPD cleats already installed
  • Power transfer
  • Narrow fitting
  • Limited to 2-bolt pedal systems
While some women find comfort in unisex shoes, most need shoes that address specific feet needs for women. Hence, this shoe offers just that, in terms of sizing, design and even the available colors.

8. Five Ten Adidas – Best Cheap Mtb Cycling Shoes Under 100

  • Material: Leather shoes with pedal-gripping soles
  • Gender: Men
  • Cleat System Used: Flat pedal shoes

If you are looking for good cheap cycling shoes for wide feet that you can use with flat pedals, then we will recommend this Five Ten. The sizing is so big that people with standard feet have to size down to get a perfect fit. Hence, if you have a wide or larger foot, then this could be your best shot with mountain biking.

And that’s not all; the shoe is further great at versatility. You can walk in it, hence a great option for commuting. Besides, the outlook is so casual that it will pass for just a regular shoe. Using a lace closure, the shoe looks like a hiking shoe, while securing your feet in the shoes.

Additionally, the shoe bottom provides high traction for the pedals. This stems from the grip patterns that are non-slip.

Another thing you will really love about the shoe is that you can use it in wet and cold seasons. It is warm in material and design, and will easily traverse in muddy situations. The Eva midsole enhances your comfort, regardless of the terrain and condition you choose to bike in.

  • Best for wide feet
  • Regular shoe outlook
  • Grippy bottom for traction
  • Highly durable
  • Not compatible with clipless pedals
  • Too big for standard and narrow feet
If you have wide feet, then you know the hassle of looking for fitting shoes in vain, especially in cycling shoes. however, with this Five Ten Sleuth, at least you have a chance with your flat or clipped pedals.

How Do I Know What Size Cycling Shoes to Buy?

You can use the size chart that the shoe description provides to know the sizes. If you are not sure about your sizing, you can use a strap to check on the width, length and, circumference of your feet.

Then, you can use the measurements against the measurements in the chart provided.

Are Cycling Shoes Really Necessary?

Yes, they are necessary. There are aspects that you will only get in cycling shoes, such as power transfer and comfort on the pedals. Using cycling shoes, you can ride for longer periods and over a long time in your life, since they are protective of your feet on the pedals. This will not be the case if you use other non-cycling shoes, unfortunately.

Buying Guide: Which Things to Consider When Buying Cheap Cycling Shoes


The sizing of cycling shoes varies with brand and specific type, hence the need to consider this factor. While most shoes run small or medium, it is not surprising to get others running quite big. Check to know whether you need to size up or down, or even go with the correct sizing system.

On the other hand, cycling shoes can be unisex, but in most cases are either men or women. For unisex shoes, the sizing chart differs, so check the correct sizing for you.

If you have wide feet, ensure that you get specific shoes for wide feet. check the width of the shoe, customer reviews and even ask questions through customer care.

When purchasing stuff online, you need to be careful with sizing, because a single mistake could cost you a lot more money.


The quality of the cycling shoes is important, especially when you have to look for shoes among the cheaper options. Most cheap options offer poor quality, so deepen your research if you don’t want to end up more disappointed.

Quality cycling shoes will give you joy looking at your performance on the bike, in addition to being very comfortable.


Cycling shoes last long, and we all are lured by this even when looking for cheap shoes. You want shoes whose quality does not deteriorate within a short duration, right?

You can check durability by ensuring that the cleat plate, sole, upper, and even the closure system is strong in material and construction. This way, durability will have a higher chance with possibilities.

Closure System

Some of the closure systems that cycling shoes use include Velcro straps, lock dials, and laces. If you like laces but hate the mess of knots and drivetrain interruptions, then you can get laces that end with a lace garage, or even a lock dial.

All in all, ensure that the closure system you get provides the ergonomic fit that cycling shoes should have. Fastening and adjustability are some of the major features that you should take into account for an ideal shoe closure.

Compatibility with Cleat System

Identify the closure system that your pedals are, so that you can know the shoes you need to consider. Some are 2-bolt, others 3-bolt, while others are flat or clipped. Having this prior knowledge will determine your choice of a cycling shoe.

Some cycling shoes are universal, so that they are compatible with any cleat system. However, ensure that you get this straight before considering the shoe.


Want a cycling shoe that you can walk in, or even change pedals and still use? The good news is that there are such options with cycling shoes. You only need to take into account several cycling shoes options, and you will get your perfect pair.

However, if all you want is a spin shoe or all the power transfer you can get in a road shoe, getting a pair that is cycling-specific is usually worth it.


In cycling, utmost comfort is essential in bettering your performance on the bike. Therefore, even if you are on budget, ensure that you do not compromise your comfort for anything.

Comfort may come in terms of a light shoe, added padding in strategic areas of the shoe and midsole concentration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I wear running shoes for cycling?

Yes, you can. if using flat pedals or pedals with toe clips, then you can use any shoe, including running shoe. However, you will be ripped of some benefits such as power transfer, which comes from a rigid sole and clip-in shoes.

Can you wear cycling shoes without cleats?

Yes, you can. You however need to use toe cages, since traction could be an issue with clip-in shoes. thus, for your safety, use the shoes without cleats but with toe clips.

Are expensive cycling shoes worth it?

Yes, they are worth it. the more expensive cycling shoes come in quality material, more rigid bottom and even easier clipping.

How long do cycling shoes last?

Cycling shoes can last for more than 5 years, especially if you don’t use them for walking and other activities. They are not just good quality, but performance on the pedal does not weigh on them.

Final Word

It is surprising yet comforting to know that you can get best cycling shoes under 100 dollars. With the list above, each shoe beats the rest, not just here, but even in the market, with a unique characteristic. Based on your major reason and goal for getting your best budget cycling shoe, you can always get your top pick among the rest.